Whose Jersey Are You Wearing?


Click the title to go to the Longhorns Ltd. Online Catalogue. Interesting to see who the merchandise guys think will be good next year. You've got: 12 Colt 3 Chris O 7 Chiles/Beasley 8 Shipley 6 Cosby 10 Vince Young (still awesome) Receiver #4 (Sweed, Williams, Buckner) 25 Jamaal Charles still 32 Cedric Benson still 44 Bobino (FAIL at money) 98 Orakpo Surprise! 2 Sergio Kindle (To borrow from mgoblog: Eeeeeee!) 2 could also be Vondrell McGee, your de facto starting TB. Women only have one jersey, #1, which is just sexist, I guess. Chicks would have to wear a phallis on their chests. Or maybe it's Phillip Payne or Keenan Robinson. Unlikely.