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This Is What 4.24 Looks Like

Orson's got a lovely video of Noel Devine up over at his place, and though the tiny tailback certainly shows off some ridiculous jukes and agility, his top end speed doesn't really stand out as the best of the best. His stride covers like a yard and a half.

But watching the video reminded me of something I meant to mention after the NFL Draft a couple weeks ago. When the draft concluded, I seemed to be the only person in America who rather liked Tennessee's draft. That could make me the fool, but it also might be that others are underestimating the impact their first-round choice could have on VY's offense.

There's also the kick returning to consider. Tennessee was a different, much more dangerous team, when Pacman Jones was still making plays for the Titans on the return game.

But don't take my word for it; see for yourself. Tell me if you don't think this might help Vince as much or more than any tall receiver could.

There's fast and then there's... this.