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Filed under: Doesn't Understand Concept of "Just One" All-American

I'm typing this glancing over my shoulder as I sit in knee-knocking fear of John Bianco's reprisal, but I just thought I'd point out to you all that whoever runs has forgotten what it's like to have only one Playboy Preseason All-American.  From the front page:

Seniors DE Brian Orakpo has been selected as a member of the 52nd Annual Playboy Preseason All-America Football team.

First of all, kudos to Brian, and although I can't possibly imagine what he could get himself into (ahem...) out there that he hasn't already in Austin, I'm sure he'll have a great time with all of the other seniors from famous programs.  Second of all, does Bill (I don't care who wrote it, everything on that site is Bill Little's fault) even draft a new announcement for these, or did we catch him inserting names into last year's announcement?  Well, why don't you go  and  see  for yourself?  I quit linking after the last one because there's actually a single-sentence quote from Roy Williams in it, although the remainder is straight from the cookie cutter.  I looked to see if this was a standard press release that Playboy sent out when they notified the players, but the other announcements I found on official sites were all different... you know, like, unique.

Is this that big of a deal?  Not by any means.  Is it kind of amusing to poke at the castle guard from across the moat, especially given recent events?  Hell yes.

And besides, if you guys have anything more interesting to read about Texas football, please send me an email about it.  I'm drowning here.

[Update by Horn Brain, 05/09/08 4:30 AM CDT ]  They fixed it! Bwahahaha!  Sigh...  Offseason.  At least I can speculate as to how thick the file they're going to start keeping on me is.  No way I get an interview with even a towel boy as long as these guys know that I breathe.  I'm going to have to live off the grid.