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NCAA Day 3 Thread: Get Back, JoJo!

The Longhorns have a chance to get back to where they once belonged today with a revenge game over the St. John's Red Storm, winners of Friday's 2-to-freaking-1 back-stabbing and 'you-do-not-tempt-the-baseball-gods' heartbreaker.  You're invited to grumble along as we work for a chance to face Rice, 6 innings of Chance Ruffin later.  For the record, Kirk Bohls agrees with me about Chance Ruffin.  (Yes, Kirk, even though we're mad at you , we're not the kind of mad where we can't admit that we agree about some things, no, not that mad.)  Let's beat these guys 21-2, so's we can be all like "There's your two runs, motherf&$#er!"

Game starts at 2pm.  There are a billion ways for you to watch it on video, but none of them work except for commenter amorphous, so crank up the KVET and start your search for stats/video here.

[Note by 40AS,  06/01/08 10:56 AM CDT ]  Not sure how this hasn't been mentioned, but with two homers yesterday, KYLE RUSSELL TIED THE ALL-TIME TEXAS CAREER RECORD!!! Kyle has 17 on the year, bringing him to 55 total for his career (if our math is correct), matching Jeff Ontiveros' four-year total. Considering Kyle probably won't be back next year, it's time to cheer really hard for one more home run to break the record.