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Pump It Up

Because I'm not yet finished with the post I intended for today, I'm substituting a good old fashioned comment starter in its stead, with hopes to complete the longer post in time for Thursday.

That longer post is a response to a reader email on the 2009 narrative take from last week, but in the meantime, a related challenge for today:

Lay out in some detail - either in the comments or in a separate FanPost - the case for Texas going 12-0 this fall.

I don't really have a specific type of answer in mind, but I'm interested in reading a community-wide response to the question. If nothing else, I suspect an aggregation of the responses will nicely crystallize the most pressing issues this fall.

For the record, I'm more bullish on this fall than my '09 hopes suggest, and with my highest hopes for that season on the record, I'm more than a little excited to see what we can do in the prelude.

So let's hear it. Make the case for 12-0 in 2008, explaining the most important elements that have to - and can - come together to make it happen.