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Morning Orange Juice is on College Time

I'm sure all of you old dudes are at work by now, but this is when I finish walking the dog, so them's nuts.  -HB

Not sure that this will be more than an occasional stealing of the show, as Peter has informed me that he's knee deep in slum-lords today, so don't get your panties all in a wad if I'm ruining your daily dialogue with Peter.  He'll be back.

Quick, name our running backs.  If you said Vondrell McGee or Fozzy bear, then you're right, but you're not all right.  Chris Ogbonnaya (would you believe I have a tougher time with the 'h' in his first name than his entire last name?) gets interviewed over at the spin factory, but in a way that you'll like.  You've got to love his attitude.  He talks like the guy that goes to every practice, never complains, helps out his teammates anyway he can, and if on game day the coach goes with someone younger and faster, he'll be right there slapping on his chin strap and telling him to watch the blitz.  Beyond that, though, Chris says he's slimmed down a bit this summer, which could help us out a tiny bit.  Recall during the A&M game that we had a third and I believe 5 (don't quote me) on the goal line, Davis put in Chris O and the Aggies all yelled "PASS!"  Colt made a quick handoff to Obi-Won and he force-pushed his way into the endzone.  Having a slightly more explosive third down back introduces a neat little change-up to your arsenal.  Let's hope that's what we get.

Colt McCoy doesn't get to hold the knife.  While Tim Tebow is probably in the Philippines circumsizing newborns, Colt took a week in Iquitos, Peru on his own mission trip.  McCoy told the AAS that he had rice for every meal and lost 10 pounds while teaching little Peruvian kids the "other football".  Luckily for the kids, UCLA COACH Rick Neuheisel sent along a scouting crew, and has reportedly scheduled an official visit from a few of the kids, who picked off Colt countless times.  The little Juan was excited, but reportedly muttered under his breath, "I'll have to remember to forward Colt some of my signing bonus."  Greg Davis blamed the heat and the communication barrier between the Tuscola, TX native and his Peruvian receivers.

AJ Abrams scores a workout!  AJ worked out with the Sacramento Kings Monday, along with everyone's other favorite shot-specialist, Drew Neitzel from Michigan State.  I saw ol' baldy up close a few times at the Sweet Sixteen game in Houston after we trounced Stanford.  He was the only Spartan who didn't slap my brother's outstretched hand either going or coming from the court, and even gave him a weird look, as if to say, "Me touch you?"  Hate that guy.  If he's there with Abrams, though, they may be looking for a sharpshooter.  Oh, what's that?  My left brain just reminded me that AJ will return to school.

Another NEZ update, brought to you by Wells Fargo.  Here are some pictures of the north endzone at DKR and it's progress.  Looking good so far.  They're even putting up some Texas banners in select places.  The chairs are cute now, but hopefully they'll realize they can seat more people on bleachers.  I find it funny that part of the reason we were so excited about the NEZ is the noise potential, and they're trying to keep everyone comfortably seated with their eyes fixed on the Fargo commercial on the Godzillatron across the field.  Flaming will be accepted in my email .