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Morning Coffee Scoffs At Your Superconference

PB on DJ. The always excellent Rush The Court college hoops blog demonstrated their always excellence by asking me to profile DJ Augustin for the upcoming NBA Draft.

Relatedly, I'm a little ticked at A.J. Abrams for the way he handled himself during NBA Draft season deciding to return to Texas just as my profile piece on how well he'd fit in with PANATHINAIKOS ATHENS was about to run.

(And with that... I'm done with the lashings. Welcome back, A.J.)

I'm told they're developing a snarkier form for the future. Poor Mark Rosner of the Austin American-Statesman has been asked to start blogging, and on Tuesday he was forced to issue his first blogology:


In a blog on Tuesday, I mentioned returning Longhorn basketball starters without listing Connor Atchley, the senior center-forward.

Now that was a glaring omission. Just last week, I wrote that two NBA draft sites list Atchley as a second-round pick in 2009.

All he did last season was lead the Big 12 in blocked shots while anchoring the back of the Longhorns defense, setting good screens and hitting three-point shots.

Sorry about that, Connor.

Oh, Mark, you poor, poor thing: Either you're missing the whole spirit of the enterprise or the Statesman has a standard-issue apology form:


In a blog on ______, I mentioned ______ without ______.

Now that was a glaring omission. Just last (week/month), I wrote that ______.

[Please insert "sarcasmo-graf"1 here]

Sorry about that, ______.

1Refer to "AAS Blogging Policies and Procedures, Appendix C: Terms and Definitions" for guidance on appropriate insert.

Gold. SBN's Sunday Morning Quarterback is respected by 99% of his peers for his outstanding analysis, but from time to time he also dips into the satirical bag. Though the results are always fine efforts, this one takes the cake as a post to remember. I can't really recommend it enough.

What he said. Ever since SMQ brought it up two weeks ago, I've been meaning to post on this -  since he won't go away - but Brian beat me to it:

His name is Tim Stephens, and he is a very stupid man. He proposes that college football is moving inexorably towards four sixteen-team superconferences and a four-team playoff between the winners. Nevermind that the WAC was briefly a creaky sixteen-team "superconference" before all its members decided that was an incredibly stupid idea and broke off. Nevermind that it's just a matter of time before the creaky sixteen-team Big East basketball "superconference" splinters. Nevermind that he actually titles a post "could five dollar gas spur the playoff debate" (his answer: yes!) and then, like, in the very next post about his incredibly stupid idea puts Notre Dame in the Pac-10. Nevermind that every team past 12 dilutes the financial impact of a championship game.

These are all reasons that Tim Stephens is a man propounding a very stupid idea and wasting everyone's time, but the main thing is this: at the absolute most, teams will play nine conference games. When you have a "super conference" that's basically two eight-team divisions in which you play seven games and then two games against the other division, which is not a conference at all, really, and is the main reason the WAC exploded.

What a waste of time.