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2008 Texas Premier Football Camp Set For July

[UPDATE: Burnt Orange Nation's endorsement of this event is withdrawn, following the findings in this report.]


Cool: Attending a football camp hosted by B.J. Johnson, Roy Williams, and Sloan Thomas.

Cooler: Attending a football camp whose coaches include Nathan Vasher, Jonathan Scott, Richard Hightower, Michael Huff, Chris Simms, Bo Scaife, Michael Griffin, Derrick Johnson, and Kasey Studdard.

Coolest: Part of the proceeds go to support the Boys and Girls Club of the Capital Area.

For those with youngsters in the region, the 2008 Texas Premier Football Camp will once again be held in Austin during July. This year's camp will take place at LBJ High School on Thursday, July 10th and Friday, July 11th, with each practice running from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The cost of the program is $225. Frankly, I'm shocked it's not more - that's a great price for two days the kids will never forget. (Seriously. I still vividly remember watching TJ Ford lead the dribbling drills at a camp I was attending, then being overjoyed when I was singled out for proper execution of the backwards loopty-loop thing. Or whatever it was called. Who remembers these things?)

Best of all, a chunk of the proceeds support a great organization, so if you're on the fence trying to decide between camp and gasoline for a week... do the right thing. Support a great local charity and save the environment while taking the bus because you're too broke for gas. Everyone wins.

What: 2008 Texas Premier Football Camp

Who: Young football enthusiasts (ages 7-18) and their coaches, who you may recognize

When: July 10-11, from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Where: LBJ High School (map)

How: To register, visit the online application center

Why: You heart charity and Texas football and your kids. Right?