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Under Investigation: Texas Football Camps

Though I will withhold specifics pending the conclusion of my investigation, I feel obligated to note - following Monday's enthusiastic endorsement of the 2008 Texas Premier Football Camp - that I am working late into Tuesday night on an investigation  involving allegations against the very same camp. If those allegations are proven false, there's quite a story about another Texas football camp (the source of the charges); if proven true, there's no way I could possibly stand by my initial endorsement.

In the meantime, I felt it important to state publicly that Monday's endorsement is on hold, pending the outcome of my inquiry.

[UPDATE 9:05 a.m.] While I try to get at the final story behind all this, let me note on the record that I just spoke with B.J. Johnson, who emphatically denies the misrepresentation I'm investigating: "Every [player] listed on the Premier Camp website is coming to the camp." More as soon as I can put the last pieces of this together. This is one of the most bizarre sequences of events I've ever personally encountered.

[UPDATE 11:34 a.m.] I just got off the phone with Roy Williams' attorney Mark Heligman, who informs me that Williams will not be in attendance at the Texas Premier Camp and that CAA has sent a cease and desist letter to BJ Johnson and the camp organizers.

[UPDATE 11:59 a.m.] To clarify a question I received, there's nothing criminal being investigated here. This started because BON wrote a glowing endorsement for the Texas Premier Camp, and took a turn last night when a relevant party informed me that the camp was misrepresenting the participating parties. Both sides have since accused the other of lying, and I've been working to sort it out. In the meantime, I just didn't feel right leaving that initial endorsement post up. We rarely agree to promote events at BON; in this case, it's proving problematic.

[UPDATE 1:28 p.m.] I just got off the phone with Michael Griffin, who also stated he will not be in attendance at the Texas Premier Football Camp. Details in the full story, which is coming together quickly now. (If you're wondering, the answer is yes, he was surprised that the person asking him questions concluded the conversation with a big hat tip to his Rose Bowl interception in 2006.)

[UPDATE 5:43 p.m.] Just when you think things are coming together... they change. As of late last week, Roy Williams was on the radio saying he'd be participating in the camp. As of today, obviously, he's not. The story remains on hold while people try to bridge that gap for me.