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NBA Draft 2008 Open Thread

Not sure how many of you will be watching but, if you are, post your comments here.

It is all but certain that the Chicago Bulls will take Memphis point guard, Derrick Rose, at number one. After that, the safe money is on Michael Beasley to Miami, but there have been some rumors about the Heat trading down. If this happens, let me be one of the many to say, WTF? Beasley is going to be a beast in the NBA.

Also, after the TJ Ford / Jermaine O'Neal trade yesterday, the Indiana Pacers will not be taking DJ Augustin in the first round. Who will? Most mock drafts still have DJ being a lottery pick. Maybe New York at #6? or the LA Clippers at #7? or the Charlotte Bobcats at #9? or maybe he slips all the way to the Portland Trail Blazers at #13 with Greg Oden and Lamarcus Aldridge? That wouldn't be the worst situation in the world for a young point guard who looks to pass first.

Let's see...