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Morning... Err... Something

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A  few quick thoughts before I pass out:

  1. You're all wrong. Well, Wiggo is right - DJ without question made the right decision - but he got the wrong name at the end there. DJ isn't headed to Charlotte to play for MJ... He's playing for Larry Brown. In my mind a wonderful destination for one of the great Longhorns of all time. JC25: weak sauce.
  2. Ricky looks pretty good, doesn't he? I really, really want him to have at least one more good year.
  3. You can blame football camp shenanigans and the other Andrew (good times, sir) for the pause on the Greg Davis Review. It's coming. Mackovic will run Monday, and the Davis years will begin soon thereafter. We're working on getting play-by-play data to augment the study.
  4. Speaking of my night with the other Andrew... funniest moment of the night had to be - Andrew: "Do you read Barking Carnival?" PB: "Emo for Longhorn fans?" Andrew: "Who knew it was such a burden?"
  5. We kid, we kid. And since I'm not in any kind of state to run Adam's Top 10 Rock Songs post here as I hoped to, do check it out over at BC. (And buy his book. I'll have a review up when I get a chance to sit down with it. For now, all I can say is that Adam's a great, great football writer.)
  6. Oh, jumping back a minute: something I was thinking about today before the NBA Draft - has Rick Barnes had any "problem" kids since he arrived? Mike Williams and that alien who transferred to Tom Penders (enough said) didn't seem to take to the program, but beyond that, it's been one pretty picture, hasn't it?
  7. Congratulations, DJ Augustin. We're damn proud of you.