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A Federal Court Weighs in on the Texas/Arkansas Rivalry

Judicial Orders in response to simple motions are generally short, dry documents that get to the point.  Sometimes, however, Judges and their clerks get bored at work just like the rest of us.  What follows after the jump is quite possibly the greatest judicial order ever, issued yesterday afternoon by Judge James R. Nowlin, a graudate of the University of Texas School of Law, and incidentally the judge that sentenced former Longhorn kicker Russell Exrelben to 84 months in jail for fraud.

In case you were ever wondering the federal judiciary's stance on the Texas/Arkansas rivalry, take a look.  Considering Texas is in the 5th Circuit and Arkansas is in the 8th, could we be looking at a Circuit split that gets to the Supreme Court and decides this issue once and for all?  I'm crossing my fingers.  I've always wondered about Ruth Bader Ginsburg's stance on the Horns and guess?  RBG likes the beef.

If you're having trouble reading the below images, click here to download the PDF.

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My favorite part is the taking of judicial notice of the game of the century.  Judicial notice is taken by a court in lieu of proof of a fact when that fact is so obvious or well known that it can't possibly be refuted.  So true, your honor.  So true.