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MLB Draft Good To Horns...So Far

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We're 74 picks into the MLB draft, and no Longhorns or (to our knowledge) Longhorn prospects have been picked. We'll try to update this thread once the first day is complete if any Horns have been picked, but considering the fact that we're expecting big things from next year's squad, a few good breaks for us fans on draft day wouldn't be a bad thing.

[Note by 40AS,  06/05/08 10:56 PM CDT ]  Kyle Russell was drafted #93 by the Dodgers.  We can't think of any way that Russell returns to campus, and his statement to the press pretty much confirms it. Russell said "I'm very thankful for the coaches, teammates and fans for the support they've given me. Without them, I wouldn't be where I'm at today. Coming to UT was one of the greatest experiences and it's something I'll always come back to. Hopefully I touched the hearts of a lot of people and I thank them for everything. I'm looking forward to what the future holds." No other Longhorn (to our knowledge) was drafted on day one, expect several to be drafted on day two.