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MLB Draft Very Good To Longhorns

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The MLB draft is over and it contained very good news for Texas baseball. Six Longhorns and five recruits were drafted by major league teams. They were:

  • Kyle Russell, 3rd Round, LA Dodgers
  • Jordan Danks, 7th Round, Chicago White Sox
  • Kyle Walker, 11th Round, Colorado Rockies
  • Kenn Kasparek, 12th Round, Seattle Mariners
  • Casey Whitmer, 30th Round, Washington Nationals
  • Riley Boening, 42nd Round, Minnesota Twins
  • Robbie Grossman, 6th Round, Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Taylor Jungmann, 24th Round, Anaheim Angels
  • Hunter Cervenka, 27th Round,  Boston Red Sox
  • Brandon Loy, 32nd Round, Baltimore Orioles
  • Sam Stafford, 40th Round, Boston Red Sox

From this list, Russell is definitely gone, and Danks, Walker and Kasparek should be gone. Grossman has said he'll be a Longhorn and suggested Jungmann is coming along too. With Preston Clark avoiding the draft bug, Texas baseball should be stacked for a championship run in 2009.