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Depth Chartin': Offense

Reader LSMFT took a stab at the 2008 depth chart on Wednesday; as promised in the comments, I have some follow-up thoughts. We'll start with the offense:

My season opener projection, with brief commentary:

Jordan Shipley

Brandon Collins
DJ Grant
Blaine Irby

Peter Ullman

Josh Marshall
Kyle Hix

Aundre McGaskey

Cedric Dockery

Britt Mitchell

Chris Hall

Buck Burnette

Charlie Tanner
Michael Huey

Adam Ulatoski

Tray Allen

Malcolm Williams

Montre Webber
Dan Buckner
Vondrell McGee

Foswhitt Whittaker

Chris Ogboannaya
Colt McCoy
Sherrod Harris

John Chiles
Quan Cosby

James Kirkendoll

 DeSean Hales


General: Eliminated the FB position, which isn't a big part of the offense / Didn't go three-deep where the projection is too speculative / Avoided slotting John Chiles & Curtis Brown at WR (let's talk in August).

Projection Note: The above is for the opening game only. One important thing to emphasize is that the situation has to be considered extremely fluid at RB, WR, and along the OL - one of several reasons why I'm not sold on 2008 as Texas' year to win any titles.

QB: I think we're going to see a shift on the QB depth chart behind McCoy, with Harris assuming back up duties and Chiles being used as an all-purpose roamer. This is a good thing. Texas needs a Jeremy Maclin-type threat on the field, and Chiles is as good a bet as any. Use the kid and let the more polished Harris develop as the #2 QB.

RB: McGee between the tackles, Whittaker given every chance to show home run potential, and OG as our third-down specialist.

WR: If there's a surprise breakout on offense for Texas this year, part of the formula involves Malcolm Williams erupting. Call it a hunch.

OL: The projected group I have won't be the starters by bowl season. The situation on the OL looks great for 2009-10. This year is to sort out who's who.