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The Eyes of Texas 2008

As the editor of BON I get asked two questions more than any others: "Are you single?" and "My only complaint with BON is that I can't read it while yodeling in the porcelain canyon, so to speak. Any ideas?"

Answering the first is easy enough, but as a strict adherent to the No Lapbooks In The Crap Nooks rule, the second is more problematic...

Except for that special time of the summer when The Eyes of Texas rolls off the press and Longhorns football fans have the perfect commode companion - 112 pages of incomparable analysis, stats, history, and high-res color photos, all devoted to Texas football.


Though I made light of the annual's utility in the introduction above, those who read last year's production can attest to the depth of analysis and unique character of The Eyes of Texas. And I'm especially happy to note that everyone who's already seen this year's publication thinks it's even better.

How To Order Online: Purchase the book at the annual's Maple Street Press page

In Stores Throughout Texas: This year's book is available at the UT Co-Op, numerous newsstands, major book retailers, grocery stores, Hastings Entertainment Stores, and Wal-Marts throughout the state.


2008 Orientation

Offense and Special Teams 101
by Peter Bean

Inside the Offensive Line
by Abram Orlansky & Jeff Asher

Defense 101
by Peter Bean

Meet the Newest Longhorns
by Jason Suchomel

Know Thy Enemy: Breaking Down the 2008 Longhorns Schedule
by Matt Hinton

Road Trips & Travel Tips: 2008 Texas Longhorns
by Cory "54b" Davies

The Return of Major Applewhite
by Keith Huegatter

From Athens to Austin: Will Muschamp's Football Career
by T. Kyle King

Inside Will Muschamp's SEC Defense
by Scott Wells

Mack Brown's Ten Years at Texas

Mack Brown vs. The World
by Dustin Summy

Jamaal Charles and Ten Years of Texas Running Backs
by Jeff Asher & Abram Orlansky

The All-Mack Brown Team
by Chip Brown

Mack Brown's 10 Most Significant Wins & Losses at Texas
by Cory "54b" Davies

Longhorns Football History and Traditions

Longhorns in the NFL
by Michael David Smith

The Immovable Object: Texas' 1983 Defense
by Adam Jones

In Memoriam: Rooster Andrews
by Michael Bean

Ricky Williams: Born a Rambling Man
by Holly Anderson

Longhorn Envy: Coveting Texas Football Past and Present
by Spencer Hall with Peter Bean

2007 Texas Player Stats

2008 Longhorns Schedule

Horn Spotting
by Cory "54b" Davies


Below are three pages from two of the chapters in this year's annual. Click either hyperlinked chapter title for a readable PDF version.

The Immovable Object: Texas' 1983 Defense, by Adam Jones

There are lots of reasons to pick up a copy of this book, but Adam's chapter on the '83 defense may just be the crown jewel.


Mack Brown's 10 Most Significant Wins & Losses At Texas, by Cory "54b" Davies

With the middle section of the book devoted to a 10-year review of Mack Brown's tenure in Austin, Cory took this idea and just nailed it.


I hope you enjoy reading this year's annual as much as we enjoyed putting it together.