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Find The Surprise: Big 12 Football 2008

The Big 12 Media Week has been a bit... boring. Even more so than usual, there's an enormous amount of consensus in the Big 12 this year.

This story from the Tulsa World seems to capture perfectly all the conventional wisdom of Big 12 football heading into 2008. Bill Haisten's Big 12 rankings include at the top:

1, Oklahoma: Sam Bradford, Auston English lead the Sooners’ drive toward a third consecutive Big 12 crown.

2, Missouri: Chase Daniel quarterbacks an offense that last season averaged 40 points, 490 yards per game.

3, Texas: Longhorns are loaded with talent, but won’t contend unless Colt McCoy cuts down on interceptions.

4, Texas Tech: With Harrell throwing to Crabtree, the Red Raiders have the nation’s most dynamic passing duo.

5, Kansas: In his first year as the starting quarterback, Todd Reesing led Jayhawks to a 12-win dream season.

You've seen the above at least a hundred times this summer already.

So my question is: where is the conventional wisdom off the mark? Nothing in college football is neat and tidy. Conventional wisdom missed the Kansas breakthrough last season, overrated the Longhorns, and undervalued Missouri's offense.

Where are we missing the boat this year?

1) Which bit of conventional wisdom about Texas strikes you as misplaced?

2) And for the Big 12?

I'll publish some of my favorite answers on the front page.