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When Will They Retire #10?

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As broken (not really) by BON earlier last week, the athletic department announced plans last week to retire Vince Young's 30-2-record-as-a-starter #10 jersey. If you're like us and no longer live in Austin, attending VY's jersey retirement ceremony game should be a priority. There hasn't yet been (to our knowledge) an announcement of when #10 will be retired, but looking at the available dates allows us to speculate on the obvious answer. This is just speculation, but it's the freaking offseason so what else are we gonna do?

Looking at the schedule, the Longhorns have 7 home games to retire VY's jersey (produced below). During those dates, the Titans play on either the following or the same day as the Longhorns on all but one occasion. The only exception is the home opener against Florida Atlantic.

  • 8/30 Texas vs. Florida Atlantic -- 8/28 Titans @ Green Bay
  • 9/13 Texas vs. Arkansas -- 9/14 Titans @ Cincinatti
  • 9/20 Texas vs. Rice -- 9/21 Titans vs. Houston (in Nashville)
  • 10/18 Texas vs. Mizzou -- 10/19 Titans @ Kansas City
  • 10/25 Texas vs. Okie State -- 10/26 Titans vs. Indy
  • 11/8 Texas vs. Baylor -- 11/9 Titans @ Chicago
  • 11/27 Texas vs. Aggy -- 11/27 Titans @ Detroit
We all know that UT's athletic department doesn't always do the logical thing, but logic suggests that VY's jersey will be retired on August 30th against Florida Atlantic. Again, it's all just speculation for now, but are there any other thoughts on this?
[UPDATE] Added a poll, feel free to be heard