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Some Texas Baseball News

With only 12 days left until the start of football season and the Olympics hitting full stride we know the most pressing issue on your mind is: what's up with Texas baseball? A few tidbits for your Monday morning --

  • Kudos to The College Baseball Blog for this update on ongoing upgrades to UFCUDFF. Most notably the turf field that we all love to hate is coming up, allegedly to be replaced by field turf. It's not as cool as real grass, but field turf would still be a major upgrade from the biggest eyesore in Texas athletics.
  • Remember when we said that the MLB draft was very good to the Longhorns? Well, maybe not. In recent days, Jordan Danks (who we never expected to return) signed with the White Sox, the Pirates signed potential difference maker Robbie Grossman, a 6th round pick, to a $1 million signing bonus, and the Red Sox signed 27th round pick Hunter Cervenka to 3rd round money. We wonder whether Manny being traded by the Red Sox had any effect on Grossman (probably, because the Pirates freed up money by getting rid of Jason Bay) and Cervenka (probably not) playing professionally rather than in burnt orange next year.
  • Finally, in the "those guys are real jerks" category, Augie Garrido was kicked out of a USC football scrimmage. We don't know any real details to the story, but c'mon!