Rose Bowl Dreams


Has anyone read Rose Bowl Dreams by Adam Jones? The book was released last week. I picked up a copy on Thursday and read it over the weekend. I though it was fantastic. It's the memoirs of the author's life growing up in a football crazed family. The author Jones attends UT and becomes a rabid fan of the football team. The story takes you through Jones life and need to see Texas win a football national championship. The book touches on UT seasons from 1985 through the national championship of 2005, with a heavy focus on the seasons from 2000-2005. I can't recommend this book strongly  enough. Anyone who is a die hard fan can relate Jones' superstitions, conversations with God, and total willingness to give himself over to a football team. Reading the book was really a good time. I thought some people on this board would like to check it out.

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