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Pick 'Em 2008: Burnt Orange Nation League Signing Up Now

Morning Coffee to follow in a bit, but first, an announcement about this year's pick 'em league.

We're trying a new pick 'em league manager this year, hosting our competition at Fun Office Pools, which allows for greater customization than the ESPN leagues. Instead of being forced to pick whichever games they choose, I'll be able to choose the games myself.

League Details

Sign up: Go to the sign up page here, using password gohorns

Make picks: I didn't choose any early games, but I think for this week, you still need to have picks in by 8/28. I'll work on getting that bumped back to Saturday morning, but if you want to be safe, make 'em now.  NOTE: Picks are weighted by confidence. Rank the game you're most confident in with 10, the least confident with 1.

Prizes:  Two sets of prizes this year. 

Weekly: The winner of any given week will receive a free copy of Rose Bowl Dreams: A Memoir of Faith, Family and Football, the new book by Adam Jones about Texas football. Readers of this year's Eyes of Texas 2008 will recognize Adam's name from his stellar contribution on the 1983 Texas defense. As is noted in this Fan Post, the book is simply fantastic; my own review of the work is forthcoming. 

Season: Darrell Royal autographed football.