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Morning Coffee Is... GAME WEEK! IT'S GAME WEEK!

Summer is over! The season starts Saturday, but game week is game week... As far as I'm concerned, we're live. If I were your boss and you blared from your computer speakers this and then this, in succession, at full volume, over and over, all day... I would not fire you. I would fire the Aggie sitting next to you and give you a raise.

There is a depth chart. Mentioned already in this Fan Post, Texas has a depth chart for FAU. As one commenter points out, Malcolm Williams is not listed, but will be that starter at the "Sub-b" wideout position not included in this particular depth chart listing. According to this note at Bevo Beat, this depth chart is preliminary, with possible shuffling Thursday or even on game day.

There's not a whole lot to say about this just yet, but one thing that stands out in a big way is the number of young players who will be counted on for important minutes this year. All five safeties dressing for Saturday's game will be true or redshirt freshman. Giddy-up.

Suddenlink Cable kinda sucks. I got a couple reader emails asking about Suddenlink cable (serving mostly Georgetown-Pflugerville area) and whether they'll be carrying Saturday's pay-per-view game. I phoned up their customer service and was told by an offensively indifferent representative that they were not. If Suddenlink is your cable provider, make plans to get to a bar. And then get a satellite dish.

Wait, what? Okay, so let me get this straight. The Texas SID office won't let me talk to UT players or coaches, but they'll let Colt McCoy pose for the Statesman for this picture, in that costume?

Not pictured: dancing Indian, cop, cowboy and leatherman.