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Adopt-A-Recruit Draft: Thursday 3:00 p.m. CT

Last year we experimented with Adopt-A-Horn, which was popular as a concept but proved to be of limited utility; I didn't need someone telling me how Colt McCoy or Marcus Jackson played--I saw it myself. Accordingly, I'm ditching the project this year unless enough of folks speak up that they'd like another go-round.

However, I do think the concept can be put to better use--as a tool to track high school players Texas has, is, or may recruit. The operating premise is the same as Adopt-A-Horn: Once you've drafted your player, he'll be your adopted son for the football season. Once a week, there will be a post asking you to fill in the rest of BON about how your player performed. The better parents in the group may create their own weekly Fan Post, complete with performance reports and any available news on their player's recruitment.

Something tells me Seastrunk's adopted father will enjoy the weekly write ups.


WHEN: The player draft will be tomorrow, Thursday August 28, 3:00 p.m. CT.

HOW:  First come, first serve. Once the post goes live, the first comment to claim a player has rights. (As noted below, if two people really want the same player, go for it. Otherwise, choose a new adopted son.)

WHO:  The draft will cover three sets of players:

  1. Members of the 2009 Texas recruiting class. Garret Gilbert, Chris Waley, etc. If you draft a player already committed to the 'Horns, your primary responsibility will be to inform the rest of us with news on the player's season. At a minimum, you should plan on looking up your player's performance on Friday night to report his (or his team's) stats. More comprehensive reports might include injury reports, scouting reports, and other news items on the player.
  2. Potential members of the 2009 Texas recruiting class. Although Mack Brown's about done for 2009, there will be a little action between now and signing day. If you want to grab a player who may yet commit to Texas, feel free.
  3. Any 2010 player Texas is, likely will, or should be recruiting. The scram for Lache Seastrunk should be fun to watch.

And that's about everything, really. We'll keep things simple once again. A few final notes:

* If someone drafts a player you really want to follow obsessively yourself, it's totally fine to work together or have two people reporting on the same player. This thing is informal. Do what works.

* Choosing a player you could plausibly go see play in your area would be especially cool insofar as you could provide to the group a scouting report on what you saw.

* Please make sure you have the sticktoitiveness to see the season through. If you don't want to be troubled with a short weekly write up, for the group's sake, don't draft a player.

* Beyond that, no real rules here. The idea is just to find an efficient and fun way to talk about recruiting, because I want to kill myself if I try to follow every little rumor on one of the Rivals/Scout subscription sites. $100 a year to be miserable... no thanks. This should be more fun.