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Five To Watch: Florida Atlantic

A little slow with content this week due to the beginning of classes and endless job interviews. We'll kick back into high gear heading forward.

1. Paging all game breakers. My biggest concern for this team is the lack of proven game breakers on offense. Limas Sweed was a deep threat machine (12 TDs in '06) whose absence last season clearly hurt McCoy. Last season's group, meanwhile, was a sputtering mess for much of the season until Jamaal Charles started running hog wild. Now, both are gone. Who's the home run hitter for Texas this year? Ideally, who-plural.

2. Dominant offensive line play. Florida Atlantic's front four isn't anything special; the Texas line--if they're going to be what we hope they are/can be--should be pushing these guys around almost at will. If Colt's running for his life again in this game... we have problems.

3. The young safeties. Earl Thomas, Christian Scott, Blake Gideon, Ben Wells, and Nolan Brewster. All freshmen--true or redshirt--and all competing to anchor the Texas secondary this year. Who looks ready and who looks lost? This is a pay-per-view game, so I'm a little wary we're not going to get a lot of good camera angles and replays that help with studying safety play, so those in the stadium take some time to watch those kids from snap to the whistle. I'd love to hear any and all reports on how they look out their live on the field.

4. Fozzybognagee. I'm good with a multi-pronged rushing attack, but it won't be ideal unless they each offer something a little different. Thankfully, that looks like what we've got here, with Vondrell your tough inside runner, Fozzy the quick cat who can juke laterally, and OG anchoring the third down back who can catch and block.

5. Attitude. Will Texas play like banshees with rabies? Will there be violent explosions of speed and tackling on defense? Can the front four wreak havoc without a blitz? Do our offensive linemen play with a Kasey Studdard nasty streak? Is Mack Brown going to coach this season conservatively? Is this the year Greg Davis goes outside the box without Vince Young at QB? Can Sergio Kindle eat a quarterback? Will this team make me forget all about 2007?