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The Q-Package: Perspective and Resolution

The Q package seemed to come out of the frustration of last year, the lack of threat in so many games until JC got his wheels rolling. We needed more weapons, so it seemed, but what the Horns really needed, it turns out, was an effective OL.

Now, in the aftermath of the FAU game, it is obvious they have that, at least to some degree, and it should get much better over time, barring injuries. Suddenly, the offense operates relatively well, and the Horns appear to have threats galore.

Time changes and so does the situation.

I had the thought after the game that they wouldn't use it against UTEP. Just no need against a team that gives up 500 yards a game; keep practicing and perfecting it. Save it for Arkansas or CU, it's just not necessary immediately. And suddenly I realized it might not be necessary at all.

If, indeed, Chiles is going to be the second team QB, then he needs the reps on the field running the whole offense. And you would think the Horns know they need that in their back-up. Otherwise, Sherrod Harris needs the reps to polish his game on the field.

We can definitely use Chiles’ talent on the field, but we also need him to be effective when he is. The longer this goes on, the more I feel it’s a ‘square peg in a round hole’ situation and needs resolution.

For me, a lot of this is Colt McCoy's performance last night. He laid down a marker. As he definitely becomes a more mature and polished QB, the greater the gap between him and everyone else, especially Chiles. And with Gilbert coming in next year, I just can’t justify the time invested in Chiles unless he becomes a H-back hybrid and gives Colt and the team another weapon.

What I’m saying is that I think the need for the Q package has already been diminished by circumstances. I think Fozzy and some of the other backs will be ‘Q packages’ all by themselves.

Perhaps the real key to all this has been Cody Johnson. As a big, hard-running RB, he gave the Horns something they really needed in several key situations:  the goal line jumbo formation and on third downs - and just to punish people and to control and run out the clock in key situations. As a FB, he adds another immediate threat that the Horns haven't had in a long time.

Thus, my perspective on the Q-Package changed. The necessity is much less in my observation, although I realize it might not have changed for John Chiles personally. The need now is to develop all our threats, to continue to polish the offensive line,  Colt, and the RBs and receivers.

John Chiles is a talented player but he needs to find his own on-field role and find it soon. Time is not on his side; it's a scare commodity. Perhaps the Q-package has some bang for the bucks and time invested, perhaps circumstances will change, but right now I see it being passed on the inside by faster horses and greater needs.