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54b's Road Trip Travel Tips - El Paso

In case you didn't know...El Paso is Spanish for, The Paso. That's tip #1 and there's a lot more where that came from in the Travel Guide I wrote for The Eyes of Texas 2008...

For those BONers who live in El Paso or for those of you who are heading out to the game this weekend, please feel free to add your own travel tips in the comments section below.

Let's ride,



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Texas vs. Texas-El Paso • Sun Bowl • El Paso, TX • September 6, 2008


Overview: El Paso may not seem like the coolest place to attend a game at the end of a long, hot summer, but considering this game is already being trumpeted as UTEP’s biggest home game ever, you might just want to make a run for the border next September.  


Lodging: Options are limited near the campus and unless you prefer luxury accommodations, your best bet is to reserve a room out near the airport on Airway Blvd., where several mid-priced hotel chains have locations.


54b’s picks:


            Hilton Garden Inn El Paso

            111 W. University Ave., 79902




            Camino Real El Paso

            101 South El Paso Street, 79901




            Marriott Courtyard Airport

            6610 International Road, 79925




Transportation: Unless you’re planning to stay longer than just the weekend, chances are good you’ll want to fly to El Paso. As for ground transportation, there are several taxi companies in town, but reserving a rental car is optimal.


Restaurants/Bars: When it comes to dining in El Paso, you can’t go wrong with Mexican food. And you certainly won’t have a shortage of options. Afterwards, check out the bars located on Cincinnati Avenue (Cross street: N. Mesa) near campus in the historic Kern Place neighborhood.


54b’s picks:


Lucy’s, 4119 N. Mesa St., 915-5443922


Kiki’s, 2719 North Piedras, 915-565-6713


Los Bandidos de Carlos and Mickey’s, 1310 Magruder St, 915-778-3323


Hemingway’s Kern Place Tavern, 214 Cincinnati St., 915-532-7333


Cincinnati Bar, 207 Cincinnati Ave., 915-532-5592


Tailgating: Plan on arriving early as parking options for the general public are limited near the stadium and traffic in and out of the campus area can get pretty hectic on game days. The public lots off of Schuster Avenue on the south side of campus open at 8 a.m. for tailgating and alcoholic beverages in cans as well as charcoal grills are allowed.


Tickets: If you can’t secure tickets through the UTEP Ticket Office (915-747-4234,, try searching for tickets online at sites such as eBay or Craig’s List. Scalping is legal near the stadium.


Gameday Traditions: You’ll recognize the tunes of the UTEP fight songs, as they’re similar to UT’s, only with different words. On kick-offs, Miners fans raise their right hands extending only the thumb and pinky finger to depict a pickaxe. Before the game, UTEP head coach Mike Price marches out of the locker room with an actual pickaxe on his shoulder, gathers his players around him, and then leads them onto the field as the fans chant, “UTEP, UTEP…”


Local Attractions: If you have extra time, take a ride on the Wyler Aerial Tramway at Franklin Mountains State Park (915-566-6622). From Ranger peak, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of 7,000 square miles encompassing parts of Texas, New Mexico, and Mexico. 


Special thanks to John Erfort, Sports Editor, El Paso Times and Adrian Macias, a native El Pasoan and dedicated Longhorns fan.