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Your Saturday College Football Open Thread

So far we've learned the Pac-10 is not very good, Michigan can't catch kickoffs, and Missouri might have this offense thing worked out. Most importantly, Tulane is tied with East Carolina at the half (Roll Wave!). On now:

  • (2) Georgia vs. South Carolina
  • (14) East Carolina vs. Tulane
  • (16) Oregon vs. Purdue
  • (17) Penn State vs. Syracuse
  • UCLA vs. (18) BYU

Later tonight of interest (all times Central):

  • (3) Oklahoma vs. Washington -- 6:00 PM
  • North Texas vs. (7) LSU -- 6:00 PM
  • SMU vs. (12) Texas Tech -- 6:00 PM
  • (10) Wisconsin vs. (21) Fresno State -- 9:30 PM

USC and Ohio State allegedly play tonight, although we haven't heard anything about it yet from ESPN.