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The Week in Quotes

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Here we are for the third installment of "The Week in Quotes"  with loads to talk about beginning with our Texas Longhorns:

"1-0-TX2 (5:24) James Casey lost 2 yards.
2-0-TX4 (4:43) Chase Clement passed incomplete.
3-0-TX4 (4:38) Chase Clement passed incomplete to James Casey.
4-0-TX4 (4:33) TX was penalized 2 yards.
1-0-TX2 (4:33) Chase Clement rushed for no gain.
2-0-TX2 (3:44) TX was penalized 1 yards.
1-0-TX1 (3:44) Chase Clement passed incomplete.
2-0-TX1 (3:37) RICE was penalized 5 yards.
2-0-TX6 (3:37) Chase Clement passed to James Casey for 3 yards.
3-0-TX3 (2:55) Chase Clement passed incomplete.
4-0-TX3 (2:52) Chase Clement passed incomplete." Play-by-Play - Okay, it's not exactly a quote, but the 11-snap (10 not counting the false start) goalline stand that ended the game's competitiveness was about a fine a defensive stand that you'll ever see regardless of competition. Given 11 plays I would bet our C-league intramural team would've had a good chance of scoring, but Rice did not. This type of stand in September can give a defense an identity and pay huge dividends in October and November, or it could be meaningless. Time will tell.

"We've got nine straight games with teams that have really good players."  - Mack Brown on Monday, September 22. Just wanted to take this time to reiterate that we love Mack Brown.

"I think we just kicked it up a notch. We were so close the whole first half. So either the offensive line got tired or we just got a little bit more aggressive. We just got to him and started frustrating him a little bit more." - Sergio Kindle on Saturday, September 20. Texas notched 7 sacks on Saturday with 6 coming in the second half. Considering the team had only 2 sacks coming into the game, we won't be picky and take what we can get. How the defense responds to a team with a solid offensive line, however, remains to be seen.

"Football is only a game. Spiritual things are eternal. Nevertheless, Beat Texas." Seen on a church sign before the "Game of the Century" in 1969. We won't comment on the importance of separation between church and football, rather this quote serves as a reminder to the former existence of a rivalry between Texas and Arkansas. The Texas players were shocked in 2003 with the intensity and hatred for Texas displayed by Arkansas' players and fans. Like nearly every team the Horns will play not named Oklahoma, this game means much more to the opponent than to Texas.

"I'm happy for Terrelle. He had a great day. He did some great things out there. He's getting better every time he's out there and he made some great plays. I'm excited for this team and for him." - Ohio State QB Todd Boeckmann on Saturday, Sept 20. What a tough situation for the senior QB, being replaced by a true freshman with all the talent in the world the year after leading his team to the national championship game. We'll be interested to see how Boeckmann handles the situation when Pryor is struggling, certainly reminds us of a certain Longhorn QB getting the axe in favor of a talented freshman after a bad loss to a national powerhouse.

"You're not going to shut down Michael Jordan, he's going to get some shots on you." - Colorado Head Coach Dan Hawkins on West Virginia QB Pat White. This weeks hyperbole of the week comes from our Big XII foe to the North. We think Pat White is a nice player, he's certainly dangerous, and may end up with the most rushing yards for a QB in college football history. He is not, however, Michael Jordan. He is not Vince Young. He is not Michael Vick. To steal a line from Lloyd Bentsen: Pat White, you're no Michael Jordan.

And this week's quote of the week...

"The girl will be forced to eat in front of you, which is something that women hate. But if you can make them do it the earlier the better, the more they'll conversate and show their true self." - Mike Leach, on dating. Thanks, coach!