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Thoughts From A Fat White Guy: Robert Griffin Can Burn

Billyzane just emailed to point me to a blog written by current Connecticut Huskies defensive lineman Rob Lunn. Where to start with this? How about with the blog's name, which deserves an award: Thoughts From A Fat White Guy. That's Mike Leach-style truth serum, giving Lunn instant credibility and immediate entry to my RSS reader.

But he also grabbed my attention by doting on the object of my newest man-crush, Robert Griffin, writing:

I guess I should probably talk about the Baylor game.

They. Were. Fast.

Top to bottom, running back to receiver to offensive guard, that team had some serious speed. I would compare them with the only other team I've seen demonstrate this kind of athleticism...thats right...our beloved toothless friends from the south, West Virginia University. And while Griffin (their QB) didn't have "Gold Frontz" (you alone hold that honor Noel Divine), he did have some serious speed.

Want to know just how serious his talent is? The kid won the NCAA's when he should have been in the end of his senior year in High School. He graduated in the Fall and entered Baylor in the spring. Still not convinced? Why don't you check out the play where I had him cornered in the pocket, already cutting the tape for my highlight reel, and he made me (a slow fat white guy) look like...well...a slow fat white guy. He was gone in a flash and rolling out. I chased in vain. He was good.

Can we give Rob Lunn a siren, please? Gold Frontz? Self-deprecating humor? Notably engaging writing? Robert Griffin droolage?

I just found a reason to root for UCONN football.