Texas got rolled in OK

I have been waiting for the main column post all day to no avail.

At least OU didn't come back from FL with the MNC or it would have been even more painful last night at the Noble Center.  Every time the horns pulled within a couple buckets OU would go on a run to get it back to 10.  When we got it to 4 points (54-50), I thought it was going to be a game - WRONG.

I saw some good things happening last night. 

1. Dogus was really good last night, finally showing off the complete package for a game.  He played hard nosed defense and was even diving out of bounds with 45 seconds left in the game and the horns down 10+.  His athleticism was in full view as he skyed for boards and attacked the rim like it was his.  He also managed to dish 6 assists and make a jump shot outside of 10 feet.

2. Dexter looked really good defending the best player in the country, obviously frustrating Griffin (what a whining baby) when he was in the game.  He has all kinds of opportunities around the rim which he should get better at converting.  You had to expect him to foul out of this one.

I saw some bad things happening last night.

1. Damion James was inexplicably benched for 14 minutes in the first half.  14 minutes!!  I understand that Rick was pissed and trying to make a point, but christ, doesn't 10 minutes offer the same lesson?  With 4 minutes left in the half and the Horns trying to cut into the lead you want your best players on the floor.  Not Harrison Smith.

2. Connor looks weak.  I thought there were some flashes of good defense, but overall he has been so soft.  I am putting it off to the injuries for now, but it needs to stop ASAP.  He has had his chin busted twice, 20+ stitches in the toungue, and I think an ankle roll so far this year.  Give him a couple pain free games and hopefully he will get back on track.

3. AJ Abrams.  What a terrible line to look at.  3-for-15 from three.  The sad thing is I think he started the game 2-for-3 from behind the arc and he also had some wide open looks that he absofuckinglutely HAS to make.

4. - 12. Fill in the blank, a lot of shit went wrong.

I am thinking that Dogus gets a start at point guard replacing Mason.  I know what happens when AJ isn't on the floor, but I am officially in favor of him playing less than 34 minutes a game.  If Dogus, Mason and Ward can get penetration then who cares.

Just my thoughts, I am interested to hear what everyone else took away.  Tough loss, but not unexpected.

Hook 'em

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