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Big XII Standings: Week 3

Team Record Week Ahead
1. Oklahoma

3 - 0

vs. Nebraska (Wed); vs Baylor (Sat)
1. Kansas

2 - 0

vs. A&M (Mon); @ Iowa St (Sat)
3. Texas

2 - 1

vs. A&M (Sat)
3. Baylor

2 - 1

@ Kansas St (Wed); @ Oklahoma (Sat)
3. Missouri

2 - 1

@ Ok State (Wed); vs. Tech (Sat)
3. Nebraska

2 - 1

@ Oklahoma (Wed); vs. Ok State (Sat)
7. Ok State

1 - 1

vs. Missouri (Wed); @ Nebraska (Sat)
8. Tx A&M

1 - 2

@ Kansas (Mon); @ Texas (Sat)
8. Iowa St

1 - 2

vs. Kansas (Sat)
10. Tx Tech

0 - 2

vs. Colorado (Tue); @ Missouri (Sat)
10. Colorado

0 - 2

@ Tech (Tue); vs. Kansas St (Sat)
12. Kansas St 

0 - 3

vs. Baylor (Wed); @ Colorado (Sat)

 Thoughts on the week ahead after the jump.

Team with Most Favorable Schedule: Oklahoma. The conference's best team is also the only team to draw two home contests this week. As long as Austin Johnson continues to play at a high level alongside Willie Warren and Blake Griffin, the Sooners will be tough to beat. Looking ahead, the Sooners next real chance to drop a game comes on "Big Monday" 1/26 in the first of two "Bedlam" matchups with Oklahoma State.

Team with Least Favorable Schedule: Texas A&M. The Aggies are probably not as good as their 15-3 record suggests as 11 of their wins have come outside Pomeroy's top 100 teams. However, even if they were contenders, their early conference schedule is just brutal--@ Ok State, Baylor, Oklahoma, @ Kansas, and @ Texas. Starting 1-4 is about as good as they could expect.

Game of the Week: Missouri @ Oklahoma State. Sure, this one doesn't exactly jump off the page for Longhorn fans, but both of these teams could be battling for one of the last bids in March. I think it's safe to assume that Oklahoma and Texas will earn NCAA berths with Kansas and Baylor the next most likely two teams. The second tier of conference teams is pretty muddled, though. Missouri is ranked #7 by Ken Pomeroy with top-20 offensive and defensive efficiency ranks. A win by the Tigers in Stillwater would cause more people to take notice.