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Bevo's Daily Round Up 1.30.09



Horns_bullet_medium The Houston Chronicle is asking for votes on the greatest Longhorn football players in history. Vote here.



Rick Barnes is getting help this season from some very unlikely sources.

The minutes will be there if you produce in practice, Barnes said, and that has to be music to a young player's ears. He is tired of hearing questions about his rotation. He doesn't have one. The player who is performing the best at practice will get the minutes, he (Barnes) says.


Feb. 8th is Longhorn Junior Day. One of the hottest prospects making a visit to UT is Lache Seastrunk from Temple.

In case you are looking ahead to 2010, Inside Texas has the Top 100 prospects. To go along with riters Bill Frisbee and Ross Lucksinger discuss this year's recruiting class and other Longhorn related topics.

College Football Live ranks collegiate programs on their family atmosphere. Texas is No. 3.

The Texas program has enjoyed over a decade of strong leadership and coaching from head coach Mack Brown. Brown ensures his athletes avoid off-field distractions in a place where football players are treated with reverence. In addition, Brown is an advocate to several causes including the Texas Council on Family Violence.

Tom Luginbill thinks that Texas has underperformed compared to our recruiting classes.

Here’s one that might surprise you, and I’m guarding against even saying this, but I’m going to say it because I think the hype surrounding it hasn’t got them to where people think they should’ve been based off that, and that is Texas. As good a job as Mack Brown and his staff have done over a decade now, they’ve really only won one outright national title and one outright Big 12 championship and have been ranked in the top 3-5 of everybody’s recruiting rankings for years and years and years. That just goes to show you it isn’t an exact science.





Texas A&M's point guard Donald Sloan has been dealing with serious, painful blisters, but fought through the pain the first part of the season.

Kansas State built an 11-3 record then they lost to Oklahoma. They are back on track with wins over Colorado and Missouri.

Rival's Jason King has his Big 12 power rankings. Texas is No. 2.



A&M's Olsen Field is getting a makeover.

Make no mistake, coach Rob Childress loves where his Texas A&M baseball team plays.

“There’s not a better place in the country to watch a college baseball game,” Childress said Wednesday, “than Olsen Field.”

Problem is, when Childress usually shows recruits around, the joint is empty, revealing every scar and blemish of the grating old building that it is.

That’s why the Aggies are angling for a $16 million renovation for Olsen, complete with new dugouts, a wider concourse, new training rooms, coaching offices – the works.

Texas A&M baseball assistant Matt Deggs has been promoted to associate head coach.



So why did Idaho State agree to play Oklahoma in 2009? Money.

The Bengals' rebuilding football program did not need to be a sacrificial lamb against the powerful Oklahoma. But two weeks ago, Idaho's deepening financial crisis made Tingey change his mind. The Sooners, after all, were offering more than $500,000 for the game in Norman, Okla. That's equal to 6 percent of the Idaho State athletic department's $7.9 million budget for 2008-09.

Oklahoma State's new defensive coordinator Bill Young explains why he left the NFL.

Rock M Nation looks at play-by-play offensive and defensive performances of the Big 12.




Not only do Big 12 teams have to worry about the competition between each other for talented recruits, they now have to worry about TCU.

With National Signing Day less than a week away, TCU has an incoming class that’s shaping up to be the highest ranked of Gary Patterson’s eight-year tenure as head coach — and it might be the school’s best class in 25 years.

The Horned Frogs’ list of oral commitments includes four four-star recruits as ranked by In the last eight years combined, TCU has signed just five four-star recruits.

"We’ve always had great football and great academics," Patterson said. "The addition of all the great facilities has now given us something to push us over the edge."

Inventors want to improve football by replacing those first down chains with an electronic version.

Surveyors get very accurate measurements using gyroscopes and laser beams, he says. Why not apply that to football?

The result was an electronic version of the familiar sticks. Instead of just a chain, the sticks are equipped with a gyroscope and laser beam combination that, he says, gives a much more accurate measure of the first-down line.