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Open Game Thread: Kansas State at Texas

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Kansas St. Wildcats
@ Texas Longhorns

Saturday, Jan 31, 2009, 3:00 PM CST *** Frank Erwin Center
Television: Big 12 Regional (Dave Armstrong and Reid Gettys) -- Affiliates Carrying Game
Radio: 98.1 FM / 1300 AM (Austin) / XM Satellite Channel 231
Ken Pomeroy Data Prediction: Texas 70-64
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If you haven't yet, make sure you read BZ's epic preview, in which he coherently compares our current offense Good stuff. A few additional thoughts below.

1) Hope for Texas to end the bizarre trend of playing down to teams at home. Despite the sparkling 101-6 record in their last 107 home games, Texas has found themselves in several relatively uncomfortable close games this season against middling opponents. It would be nice to see Texas force KSU to play up to keep up, rather than playing down to their level.

2) Balbay and Ward. The two young padawans of the Texas backcourt were very impressive on Tuesday night. Ward had his best statistical game in conference play, while Balbay--at least temporarily solidifying the PG spot--played over 30 minutes for the first time in his career. As Texas continues tinkering with its new offensive identity, this game presents another opportunity for Ward and Balbay to develop within their increasing roles. Hopefully, we'll see another step forward from each, instead of two steps back.

3) Shut up and Drive. In each of his last three game recaps, since the offensive shift started, Wiggo has noted the improvement in the Texas offense when James and/or Mason focus on attacking the basket. This isn't a new observation, but it remains frustrating to see DaMo settling for ill-advised jumpers instead of driving to the basket, especially during the first half.

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