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Horns Play Terribly, Show Incredible Heart, Still Lose

Denis Clemente somehow managed to beat the entire Texas team 1-on-5 today, scoring 44 points.  The Longhorns played absolutely terribly for the first 30 minutes of this game before turning up the defensive pressure with a full court press and engineering a spectacular comeback before falling just short in overtime.  The full court press was a great call by Barnes because even when KSU beat it, they were up by so much that they didn't take easy shots, instead choosing to pull back and kill clock.  It worked as long as it could.

Great effort during that second half run by the entire team, with special accolades for Mason and Ward.  Texas had been playing simply terribly but didn't fold when they were down 17 points.  Instead they fought back, full well knowing that it probably would never be enough.  And it wasn't quite enough today, with Clemente drilling everything he saw, but the very fact that the Horns took this game into overtime is a victory in itself.  That doesn't excuse how unbelievably badly they played in all facets of the game for the first 30 minutes, but it's something to admire about this team.

Full recap is coming from txtwstr7 tomorrow, but feel free to talk about the game in the comments until then.

[Update by billyzane, 02/01/09 12:49 PM EST ] KenPom's data from the K-State game is out and, following up on the "tempo" discussion from my preview, the number of possessions per 40 minutes was 76.  As I said in the preview, over 70 was going to put us in a dogfight and it did, as it put our offensive efficiency at the third lowest of any game this season.