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More Fiesta Fodder: Greg Davis, Continued

Offensive game planning.  Reader BMG makes an excellent point about one of the key limitations Greg Davis and Colt McCoy have been dealing with all season: the lack of a receiving option at tight end. It's easy to forget, given the enormous success in the passing game this season, but ever since Blaine Irby was lost for the season against Rice, Texas has been severely constrained in how it can attack a defense.

Against Oklahoma, Davis' brilliantly slid Shipley to a tight end-like role to exploit their weakness in the middle of the field. Throughout the season, in fact, the passing offense has been at its best when Davis has spread the field four- and five-wide, letting robo-Colt slow-bleed the life out of the opposition. Death by a thousand pin pricks, you might say.

Even so, there has to be room in the game plan for some shots down the field. Texas' offensive line wasn't A-grade as a run-blocking unit this year, but as a pass protecting group they more than held their own. When you factor in the O-Line's pass blocking with the options available in OG as an extra pass blocker, there's no real excuse for not taking some well-timed shots down the field. Where BMG is right that the lack of a receiving tight end limited what we can do systematically, it's not enough to explain a wholesale disregard for downfield passing. Even a handful per game to keep the defense honest would have been worth the effort. 

In the end, I'd give Davis an A-/B+ on the season, with a few disappointing efforts (Tech, both OSUs) holding back his final grade.