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#7 Texas Falls to Razorbacks

Did that just happen? Did Texas really just lose to a terribly average Arkansas team?

Did Rick Barnes just instruct the Longhorns to wildly shoot threes on the final possession despite being down four points and more than 20 seconds left on the clock? Why not get a quick two with Dexter Pittman? Oh, and I did mention, that Texas thoroughly dominated the paint the entire game? One more thing--we couldn't hit an perimeter jumper to save our life tonight. So, we elect for three-pointer after three-pointer. Hmm...I don't understand. I'm a big fan of Rick Barnes but the end-of-game strategy was head scratching at best and horrible at worst.

Did the 'Horns really just make one freaking three-pointer the entire game?

Despite having a tremendous advantage at every position, Texas falls, 67-61, in Fayetteville.

Good: Points in the paint, first half defense, rebounding, and free throw shooting.

Bad: Jump shots, ability to score outside eight feet, three-pointers, turnovers down the stretch, ability to keep Fortson out of the paint in the second half, ability to defend Washington on the low block, and losing to a young, average opponent.

Texas must regroup quickly as conference play starts Saturday as the Longhorns host Iowa State. Tip time is 3 pm.

Post your game thoughts here. I can't write anymore about that one. Epic disappointment.