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Injury Report -- OU Sucks Week

You may not have noticed but Texas had some trouble running the football against a stout Colorado defense. It's not good news, therefore, that two of the Horns' top running backs got hurt against Colorado. Tre Newton suffered a mild concussion and Vondrell McGee hurt his left shoulder. The result: Fozzy Whittaker listed as the starter at RB ahead of Cody Johnson and DJ Monroe on the depth chart. Both Newton and McGee are reportedly day to day and there's no word on if either will play against Oklahoma. Other than that there's nothing new to report on the UT side of the injury report prior to the biggest week of the year.

The Land Thieves, however, have been ravaged by injuries this season. Sam Bradford threw the ball 49 times against Baylor, showing no signs of a bum shoulder although he was also only sacked once by Baylor. Starting safety Quinton Carter has a leg injury but he will probably play against Texas. Starting guard Brian Simmons injured his knee against Baylor, no word on whether he'll play against Texas. The biggest question mark of the week though is whether starting WR Ryan Broyles (7 TDs) will play just two weeks after fracturing his shoulder.

No word how Bradford's shoulder will respond to a hit like this

We'll try to come back with another update later in the week if there's anything to report about Newton or McGee.