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Pin The Teams On The Ballot: Blog Poll Week 5

Last week's balloting tilted towards Power Polling; this week, we drift further into the realm of pure "resume" voting. This week's ballot and a few words on the top ten after the jump -- your thoughts welcome in the comments. Who have I got ranked too high/low? And is it the team's resume or your own evaluation of their future value that animates your opinion?

Rank Team Delta
1 Alabama 2
2 Florida 1
3 Texas 1
4 Southern Cal 1
5 LSU 6
6 Virginia Tech 2
7 Cincinnati 2
8 TCU 1
9 Boise State 5
10 Miami (Florida) 6
11 Iowa 1
12 Ohio State
13 Auburn
14 Oregon 6
15 Kansas 2
16 Houston 8
17 Georgia Tech
18 Penn State
19 Missouri
20 South Carolina
21 Oklahoma State 6
22 Georgia 1
23 Notre Dame
24 Brigham Young
25 Stanford
Last week's ballot

Dropped Out: Oklahoma (#6), Nebraska (#17), California (#21), Mississippi (#22), Michigan (#25).



  1. Alabama -- One big win (VT) and two solid ones (Arkie, KY), give the Tide the resume edge, and they've looked complete doing so. Still haven't been challenged yet.
  2. Florida -- The Gators first half annihilation of Kentucky was perhaps the most impressive half of football to date; expect voters to remember just how fearsome is UF's defense when they put the clamp down on LSU this coming Saturday.
  3. Texas -- UTEP managed more points (58) against Houston than they did total yards (53) against Texas. In a pure power poll, I've still got Florida-Texas as my top two.
  4. Southern Cal -- The offense has its best football in front of it, but Joe McKnight is on the verge of a bigtime breakout. I'd take this squad straight up over any but the three in front of them. The resume's value could drop if Ohio State and/or Washington slump.
  5. LSU -- If Les Miles can keep Florida close into the fourth quarter in Baton Rouge, look out... but I'm not optimistic.
  6. Virginia Tech -- Quality wins over Miami and Nebraska have them riding high, nor is their loss to Bama much of a concern. Watching their offense against Nebraska and defense against Duke, I'm less comfortable with them in a power poll
  7. Cincinnati -- Too high? They're defeating, but not mauling (sorry), mediocre competition.
  8. TCU -- Uninspiring win over SMU raises questions.
  9. Boise State -- Uninspiring win over UC-Davis raises questions, but the Oregon win looking better by the minute.
  10. Miami -- Mr. Shannon, we salute you.

And finally...

  • Is there any reason to rank Oklahoma? They've pasted two terrible teams and lost to two quality teams.