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Race to the Roses November 2

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Another weekend without any majors upsets and we have basically the same situation from a week ago. Florida, Texas, and Alabama are all in great position for a trip to Pasadena; Iowa somehow continues to win; and Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State are making their best pitches for national respect.

Nine weeks into the season and a surprising seven teams from six different conferences are still undefeated. As I mentioned last week, I am rooting for as much BCS chaos as possible. I would love to hear people justify the brilliance of the BCS if six teams are perfect and computers and voters, who still think Iowa is good, select the two of them who should play for the title. Or, and maybe just as likely, what if only one of Texas, Florida, and Alabama goes undefeated, and the BCS selects a one-loss team to take on the Longhorns over three or four other undefeated conference champions.

Only five more weeks until the BCS doesn't work again. I can hardly wait.

After the jump, a look at this week's Favorites, Contenders, and those that Need Help...

The Favorites:

1. Florida (8-0; BCS 1): After struggling in back to back weeks against Arkansas and Mississippi State, Florida finally looked the part with a convincing win over Georgia. Three of the Gators' final four are at home. The only road game remaining is a trip to South Carolina in a couple of weeks. I've been shocked before and every college football Saturday produces some surprises; however, it hard to see Florida not landing in the SEC title game undefeated.

Next Games: 11/7 Vanderbilt, 11/14 @ S. Carolina, 11/21 Fl. International

2. Texas (8-0; BCS 2): Same Saturday night television slot, same dominating performance from the Longhorns. It's pretty easy to win games when your defense scores as many points as it gives up. The road is more than paved for the ‘Horns. Texas will be at least 14 point favorites in each of their final four games and probably double digit favorites against whatever mediocre team the North spits out. I'm not afraid to admit that I've started looking for flights to Pasadena, and I recommend you do too.

Next Games: 11/7 UCF, 11/14 @ Baylor, 11/21 Kansas

3. Alabama (8-0; BCS 3): ‘Bama had the week off and has now played the same number of games as Florida and Texas. After needing to block a field goal to defeat Tennessee in Tuscaloosa last week and impressive performances by the Gators and the Longhorns on big stages, it is not hard to see why Alabama lost some votes in yesterday's polls. Tide fans better hope Grey McElroy found some confidence. Otherwise, I can see LSU shutting down a one-dimensional Alabama offense and ruining the dream SEC title game match-up.

Next Games: 11/7 LSU, 11/14 @ Miss State, 11/21 Chattanooga

The Contenders:

1. Iowa (9-0; BCS 4): The Hawkeyes do not look like title contenders. The best teams in the country do not fall behind to Indiana at home; they do not struggle against Arkansas State; and they do not need to block field goals to escape Northern Iowa. Don't worry ‘Horns fans, Iowa's time is about up. If Northwestern doesn't get them this weekend, Ohio State should be able to take them down next Saturday. And even if their luck does continue, no objective college football fan would put them in the same category as the top three, or about five or six other teams for that matter. Iowa is not finishing in the top two in the BCS.

Next Games: 11/7 Northwestern, 11/14 @ Ohio State, 11/21 Minnesota

2. LSU (7-1; BCS 9): I really like this spot for the Tigers. After losing to Florida, the media moved on. It is been all about Florida, Alabama, and Texas mostly and about those other undefeated teams next. No one is talking about LSU. Les Miles club took a week off after their lone defeat, then dominated Auburn, and just held Tulane scoreless in a 41-0 rout. Sure, it was Tulane, but shutouts against anyone are impressive. If LSU wins this weekend, where would you rank them? 3rd? 4th?

Next Games: 11/7 @ Alabama, 11/14 La Tech, 11/21 @ Mississippi

Need Help:

1. Cincinnati (8-0; BCS 5): Still no Tony Pike, still no problem. Cincy traveled to Syracuse and outlasted Greg Paulus and the Orangeman, 28-7. The Bearcats' next three are all at home. West Virginia will be a tough game but realistically, only a season ending trip to Pittsburgh stands in the way an undefeated season. A second straight BCS game is highly likely.

Next Games: 11/7 Connecticut, 11/13 West Virginia, 11/21 Bye

2. TCU (8-0; BCS 6): TCU is the best team no one is talking about. The Horned Frogs dominated UNLV, 41-0, and continue to field an elite defensive unit. Only Texas State has scored more than 17 points on TCU this season.

Next Games: 11/7 @ San Diego, 11/14 Utah, 11/21 @ Wyoming

3. Oregon (7-1; BCS 8): I thought Oregon had a great shot to knock off USC but I never would have predicted 47 points and a 27 point win. The Ducks still have four conference games and are far from done. However, Oregon is in great shape for a trip to the Rose Bow as the lone undefeated Pac 10 club.

Next Games: 11/7 @ Stanford, 11/14 Arizona State, 11/21 @ Arizona