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Injury Report -- Thanksgiving Week

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There are two obvious injury stories we're following, made even bigger by the upcoming short week before the Aggy game. Aaron Williams hurt his knee and John Chiles hurt his ankle. Williams couldn't put pressure on his knee coming off the field but was able to get off the field via his own power (rather than on a cart). That was the first good sign that this wasn't a season ending injury. Ironically a man can walk (and in some cases play) on a torn ACL, but a bruised or sprained knee is immediately incredibly painful and debilitating.

Fortunately, as noted in the fan shots, the early word out of Austin is that both players are "day-to-day". Day-to-day is one of those funny ways of saying "we don't really know how long these guys will be out but we think it won't be too long", so odds are neither will play against Aggy on Thursday given the short game week. Hopefully they'll be back for Nebraska but time will tell. Roderick Muckelroy was healthy and played against Kansas, so that was good. Only other injury note is that Ben Wells and Clark Ford are out for A&M. More to come later in the week and in the comments of this post.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!