Mystery Recruit?

We know Darius White and Jackson Jeffcoat were in town and some "NON-PAY" boards had posted a "Mystery Recruit" coming in as well. I always look to the BON on any such ramblings for authenticity. So far all has been mum.

All I'm seeing on the BON right now is what we already know. The Aggies are holding their swords preparing to aggravate and assault the cheerleaders in fear of the eminent invasion at Kyle Field. The only thing coming out of it's sheath so far have been wannabe yell leaders posting the traditional nonsense. The game has not sold out from Aggie fans. Could it be that another in state Burnt Orange deluge falls on an opposing venue? I can hear the chants now Slocum, Slocum, Slocum, Slocum, Slocum.

A reprieve is called for. Give me some recruting juice. The most noted guess on the mystery recruit has been in the direction of Mike Davis a current LSU commit and stud receiver. All kind of arguments arise about another receiver, but the most evident denotes the available scholarship vacated by Ross Apo. Darius White and Cobbs were in the mix when that went down, so it;s not like the staff is taking a positional scholly away to make a Davis thing happen.
That could also make the Cobbs positional decision easier if Darius comes as well as Davis. Cobbs would then seemingly go to defense.

This post from ESPN shows his performance in the state playoffs this weekend. Guess what? He was matched up against Adrian White.

Mike Davis, WR (Dallas/Skyline)
Stars: four | Scouts grade: 82
ESPNU 150 rank (position rank): 55 (10)
LSU-bound wideout Mike Davis had 263 yards receiving -- scoring on plays of 74, 71 and 57 yards -- for Skyline (Dallas) in its 41-36 victory over DeSoto (Texas), according to the Dallas Morning News.

So, I can only speculate and trust the best is yet to come.

Would Mike Davis be a good get for Mack and the team? How would you think a Darius White, Jackson Jeffcoat, Jordan Hicks, and now suspicously Mike Davis finish would fit into your wish list?

Other names mentioned as the mystery recruit have been OL Jake Mathews or LB Corey Nelson?

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