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More tomorrow soon on the game, but first.... (UPDATE 2: Back home after a long holiday weekend visiting family. Haven't felt comfortable writing about the game without watching a replay. Game notes late Sunday or Monday. --PB--)

There are two ways you might look at tonight's game. On the one hand, you might focus on Jerrod Johnson's brilliant night, on Jeff Fuller's 3 touchdowns, on the Aggies' 532 yards of offense, on A&M being in the game throughout. All of those things happened; all of them are true.

But here's the other way to look at tonight's contest: On a night when all of the above happened, Texas still defeated A&M to improve their all time record against the Agros to 75-36-5. And the game was in College Station. Maybe it was a night to be proud of Little Brother, but in the end, they are just that: Little Brother. They get a slap on the ass, a few patronizing "Hey, congrats on not getting whipped, man" comments, and the season ends, with Texas 12-0 on track for Pasadena, while Little Brother finishes 6-6, having to hope that tonight is an indication they might steal a 37th win in series history next year, when Texas has a young QB.

The latter view is the right one for the same reason it's such a sad one: the Aggie fans themselves. Not only do they moronically refuse to capitalize UT, but they reverse the letters -- the ultimate junior high gotcha. They belie their own intelligence with prideful anti-intellectualism, as though spirit and tradition are substitutes for success. ("We just gotta clap louder!" "No make out for you." "Why?" "It's Whoop! louder!") And the traditions themselves are befitting junior high kids rather than adults -- a ritualistic game of 'Follow The Leader', with 'If We Score You Have To Kiss Me' sprinkled in.

Respect is earned, not commanded, and the only people I feel sorry for more than the clowns in the costumes are the women who have to kiss them. The Aggies don't deserve our sympathy; they've earned our pity.

They've got mine.

UPDATE: To those who got worked up about the post: My Aggie friends (most of whom were in the Corps) and I have great fun caricaturing each other and I was on the other end of it in 2006 and '07. Fact is they'd wonder what was wrong with me if I hadn't ribbed 'em after the game. Great fun when you win; stings when you lose. That's what makes it a game we care about.