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Bevo's Daily Roundup - November 30, 2009

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"Now we got to go get Nebraska," McCoy said, who unlike his teammate, 
was all smiles after one of the best games of his career.

Our defense sprung a leak.

For the first time this season, the offense bailed out the defense.

"Our defense made enough plays to win the game," Texas coach Mack Brown said. "It’s been a long time since I’ve seen two offenses play like that."

Texas came into the game ranked third in the nation in total defense (238.7 yards per game), first in rushing defense (50 yards per game) and 22nd in passing defense (188.6 yards) while allowing 13.2 points per game and holding opponents to just 26 percent on third-down conversions.

The Aggies shattered all of those marks, throwing for 342 yards, rushing for 192 and converting 9 of 16 third downs. They also put together three scoring drives over 70 yards (71, 92, 78) after the Longhorns only allowed eight all season.

The defense just needed to play better.

For months, Texas defensive end Sergio Kindle had no problems with metaphors. Through the Longhorns' first 11 victories, Kindle played with words much like he toyed with opposing offensive linemen, and there rarely was a week when he wasn't talking about a “momentum train” or a “moment in the light” or some other such description of UT's season.

But late Thursday night outside a locker room at Kyle Field, Kindle was in no mood for cleverness. When it was noted that the UT defense had struggled to keep its head above water in a 49-39 victory over Texas A&M, and that the Longhorns were on their heels, Kindle was uncharacteristically uncolorful.

“I don't know what that means,” he said, shaking his head. “I just know we could've played better.”

Just one week and so much to do.

The Texas Longhorns walked away from Thursday's 49-39 victory exactly where they wanted to be, undefeated and 12-0.

They also walked away from the game exactly where they didn't want to be: struggling on defense and special teams.

Were the Longhorns exposed?

"I don't think so," defensive end Sergio Kindle said.

What happened?

"I don't know," Kindle said.

Bad lyrics from the Dallas Morning News.

With all due apologies to Mr. Oscar Hammerstein:

Fish gotta swim . . .

Birds gotta fly . . .

Colt's gotta run.

From here on out, I promise not to rewrite any more Broadway classics, and while we're making resolutions, Texas coaches can vow they'll never again make another history-making quarterback into something he's not.

From Bruce Feldman's mailbag:

Traditionally, Texas plays some soft coverage, and Johnson was hot and able to hit those gaps, much as Graham Harrell did last season. Also, as was the case last week against Kansas, Texas missed a bunch of tackles and you saw Michael take advantage...

The flip side is both of those SEC teams, and Nebraska too, have a lot more talent on defense than the Aggies and will make it much tougher on Colt McCoy to run the way he did. Same for Tre Newton.

It's inevitable.

We're still on track for Texas vs. SEC title game

If only everything in life was as predictable as this college football season at the top of the polls. Twelve weeks down and one to go, and the national championship matchup remains the way it looked in early September: Texas vs. SEC champion (Florida or Alabama).

More on the A&M game from Saturday's Daily Roundup.

What happens if we lose to Nebraska? The BCS Guru has the picture.

This is how the bowl picture will shake out should Texas as expected meets the SEC champion:

BCS Championship Game: Florida/Alabama winner vs. Texas
Sugar Bowl: Florida/Alabama loser vs. Cincinnati/Pittsburgh winner
Fiesta Bowl: Iowa or Penn State vs. Boise State
Orange Bowl: TCU vs. Georgia Tech/Clemson winner
Rose Bowl: Oregon/Oregon State winner vs. Ohio State

If Texas loses to Nebraska:

BCS Championship Game: Florida/Alabama winner vs. Cincinnati or TCU
Sugar Bowl: Florida/Alabama loser vs. TCU or Pittsburgh
Fiesta Bowl: Iowa or Penn State vs. Nebraska
Orange Bowl: Texas vs. Georgia Tech/Clemson winner
Rose Bowl: Oregon/Oregon State winner vs. Ohio State

It was a sloppy win, but still a Cornhusker win over Colorado.

"We were a couple of missed field goals away from losing," Pelini said. "We're a lot more capable than what we showed out there today. I thought we played a sloppy game."

Ndamukong Suh is among the Nebraska greats.

In order to be considered among Nebraska’s best defenders of all time, Suh needed to follow his 2008 breakout season with a similarly spectacular 2009. After all, the greatest players typically sustain high levels for multiple years.


“From what I see, he’s as good as there’s ever been at Nebraska,” says Charlie McBride, providing substantial credence to what many of us have come to believe.

The Cornhuskers know they have to be at their very best next Saturday.

“We have to play perfect defense and we have to play perfect offense, and there can’t be any turnovers and there can’t be any mental lapses,” safety Larry Asante said. “We have to play our best football all year.”

Nebraska could be the BCS spoiler.

The one thing that could ruin things for Boise State is Nebraska. Yes, the Cornhuskers are playing the role of a three-loss traditional power which can ace out an undefeated team for a BCS spot.

If the Cornhuskers knock off Texas in the Big 12 championship game, then they're guaranteed a trip to the Fiesta Bowl, and 12-1 Texas becomes an at-large team, which the Orange Bowl would snap up, leaving TCU to the Fiesta (or to the BCS championship game, see below) and Boise State holding the short straw.



St. Peter and his angel staff and Aggie football.

There were some positives in the loss to Texas.

“Jerrod Johnson played tremendous,” UT coach Mack Brown said. “A&M hung in and fought, and that's what you're going to get in a rivalry game.”

By comparison, McCoy finished 24-of-40 for 304 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions. He led UT in rushing with a career-high 175 yards, and also collected a touchdown on the ground.

The Aggies are bowl eligible. Now they wait for the phone call.



Todd Reesing and Dezmon Briscoe share the pain.

Quarterback Todd Reesing, his college career over, was doing some big-picture calculations.

"I started 11-0 and I finished 0-7," Reesing said. "Talk about an up-and-down career."

Wide receiver Dezmon Briscoe, who has a decision to make about whether to leave KU early for the NFL draft or return for his senior season, limited his focus to the most painful loss of his career.

"The two fumbles that I had, they turned them into 14 points," Briscoe said.

Some Kansas fans are behind Mark Mangino.

"If they can’t stand the heat, they need to get out of the kitchen," she said of any players who would be making the allegations.

Oklahoma beat Oklahoma State 27-0. Oh, what could have been.

They obliterated Oklahoma State's Fiesta Bowl dreams 27-0, keeping alive OU's Owen Field winning streak and restoring a little panache to a season gone sour.

"We had a lot to prove today, especially for the seniors," said defensive end Jeremy Beal. "We've had a difficult year."

Bob Stoops does not, repeat NOT, have an interview set up with the Notre Dame AD.

Nebraska beat Colorado 28-20. Corn Nation had some suggestions for Dan Hawkins' replacement, but the Buffs won't need a new coach.

Obviously, if any of the Colorado Buffaloes aren’t thrilled with the fact their coach, Dan Hawkins, will be back in 2010, they probably won’t say so publicly. But all of the players asked about it Friday following CU’s 28-20 loss to Nebraska sounded pretty convincing, including some who are outgoing seniors.

“I think it’s awesome,” senior tight end Riar Geer said. “I think it’s great for our program and great for our university. I think he’s a really good coach who’s done a lot of good things here.”

The Bears fought to the very end, but lost to Tech 20-13.

For the 2009 Baylor football team, there certainly were blemishes and flaws. But there were also enough bright images, enough displays of grit and moxie, to make the team stick out its collective chins with pride.

Baylor’s season-ending 20-13 loss to Texas Tech at the billion-dollar palace of Cowboys Stadium — complete with, yes, the world’s largest TV — will go down in the record books as another defeat in a season filled with a familiar eight of them. But the Bears should at least be able to still stare at themselves in the mirror and know it wasn’t for a lack of trying.



SI's Andy Staples doesn't believe Tebow deserves the Heisman.

Tebow shredded the Seminoles (17 of 21 for 221 yards and three touchdowns; 15 carries for 90 yards and two touchdowns), and those gaudy numbers probably tickled the voting fingers of several Heisman Trophy electors. That said, a fair assessment of Tebow as a human being also should include a fair assessment of his play this season. This assessment will come in the form of a plea to my fellow Heisman Trophy voters: Let's not go crazy and hand Tebow the Heisman, even if the 24-hour news cycle plus a wide-open field have changed the criteria. This year, the award probably will go to the most outstanding quarterback or running back on a good team who most recently played a great game on national television. Tebow rolled up some impressive stats Saturday but those numbers came against an atrocious defense.

Also, remember to include only 2009 stats in your evaluation. The Heisman isn't a lifetime achievement award. Tebow produced 55 touchdowns in 13 games when he won in 2007. Through 12 games this season, he's produced 30. If Tebow wins, they may as well rename the award the John Heisman and Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Trophy.

Who can break Colt McCoy's winning NCAA record?

How do college football fans rate? (We made the list.)

Measures such as attendance, merchandise sales, TV ratings, budgets, winning tradition and even party school and tailgating rankings were factored in. So was pure passion for the game.

The latter may be hard to quantify, but you know it when you see it.

Some of the winningest programs over the past few decades — USC, Miami and Florida State — don't have fans that could crack this list.

No way there are biased opinions on this web site. site launched by the BCS.

On that whole playoff idea... If the Canadians can get it right, why can't we?


And finally...

Dr. Saturday lists his teams of the decade. Guess who is No. 1?

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