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Needing to test something with the story editor anyway, I thought I'd might as well do so by sharing with y'all the compilation of links from around SB Nation's Big 12, Big East, Pac 10 and Non-BCS blogs that I send out to various network partners.

Questions for the comments: (1) Should I post these links more regularly?  (2) Any thoughts on the cosmetic tweaks to the site design?


* BCS Evolution offers his weekly "If I Were King" feature, highlighting the upcoming playoff scenario under his proposed post-season.

* Block U weighs in on critics who claim Utah has just been lucky on the football field this year.

* (HOOPS)  Blogging the Bracket previews the Big 10 conference, the MEAC Conference, the Big West Conference, the Sun Belt Conference, the Horizon League, the Atlantic Sun Conference, the Ivy League, the Big South, the Summit League, and the America East Conference.

* How to break down the Louisiana Tech roster? With anagrams, that's how.

* (HOOPS)  The Bulldogs' freshmen looked great in Gonzaga's exhibition win over Alberta.

BIG 12

* (HOOPS)  Big 12 Hoops compares the college and NBA games and explains his preference for the non-paid version.

* (HOOPS)  Blogging the Bracket previews the Big 12 basketball season.

* Rock Chalk Talk brings a detailed analysis of the upcoming Kansas vs Kansas State match up.

* (HOOPS)  Rock Chalk Talk gets fans ready for No. 1 ranked Jayhawks basketball.

* (HOOPS)  Bring on the Cats thoroughly breaks down conference rival Colorado.

* (HOOPS)  Rock M Nation takes a look at what be a breakthrough recruiting class for head coach Mike Anderson.



PAC 10

* Bruins Nation has an excellent in-depth look at problems with UCLA's protection schemes.

* The California Golden Blogs breaks down each Pac 10 team's record and bowl chances.

* Conquest Chronicles has found a truly fascinating theory of USC's struggles: call it the Sark Virus.

* Coug Center explains why any Washington State fans who blames the coaches for this year's struggles are wrong.


* At 85% just a week ago, the Bill Stewart Approval Poll has plummeted to 58% after the South Florida loss.

* Ready to replace Greg Paulus at QB? Troy Nunes reminds you that Doug Marrone SAYS NO.