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Bevo's Daily Roundup - November 4, 2009

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Colt McCoy on the Horns' secondary: "Yeah that is great. They can score 
as much as they want to as far as I am concerned. That really helps our
football team. They were able to capitalize on some turnovers,
which was big. I feel like our offense played really well.
They were executing and the score before halftime
was really big for us."

Music NSFW

This is a great story about cornerback Curtis Brown.

If Mack Brown had spent some time with Oneta Taylor, he would have known better.

If he had seen what happened when a 4-month-old grandson ended up on her doorstep, and how she raised him just like she raised 10 kids of her own even though she was, to use her word, "crippled," Brown wouldn't have had any doubts.

But the coach of the Texas Longhorns didn't know any of this when he met Curtis Brown. All the coach saw was a bashful teenager who never talked, who didn't exude bravado like the kids he usually recruited, and who gave outsiders no inkling of the inner strength his feeble grandmother had instilled in him.

"I discouraged him from coming here," Mack Brown said. "He was so shy, and I didn't feel like he had a tremendous amount of confidence. And this is a place where you need to have confidence, or it will eat you up."

The offensive line likes blocking for Cody Johnson.

"The offensive line likes blocking for (Johnson)," Brown said early last week. "They like that he runs over guys and the way he punishes the defense. That's the type of running that gets them excited."

This is probably the most insightful quote from Mack Brown about this team:

"I think we'll play hard Saturday. I haven't always thought that (about past Texas teams). I think that about this year's team."

What about that road to Pasadena? That saber-rattling, quasi-military institute down the road wants to foil our plans for a bouquet of roses.

The Dash already is on record declaring the Longhorns a lock for the BCS championship game. But if you insist on looking for Bevo-related drama between now and January, this would be the spot. The Aggies have unloaded on their past two opponents, burying Texas Tech and Iowa State by a combined 87-40 margin. And because this game is on Thanksgiving night, it can serve as a welcome escape from the annoying family members you've been forced to talk to all day.

With all the BCS title talk, opponents will have a lot of bulletin board material.

"Every (opposing) coach in America will put that stuff on their board and say, 'You're not getting respect,' " Brown said. "College football players love to compete. They have a tremendous amount of pride.

"And when somebody tells them they can't do something, all they're doing is stirring you up and trying to prove you wrong. And that's what will happen with our last four opponents here."

Barking Carnival has the Okie State post-mortem.

Now that we own the state of Oklahoma, what exactly do we do with it? Do we sell it in a flea market in Addison for rims? Trade it for the monsoonal portion of Bangladesh?

From Tuesday's Austin American Statesman chat with Suzanne Halliburton and Alan Trubow:

Question: Was the heavy use of 4 and 5 wide out formations a reflection of Davis' lack of respect for OSU's secondary and pass defense? Because I thought that we were going away from those formations and more to what I think were called "11" formations (1 back, 1 tight-end). Will we see more of the 1 back 1 tight-end in the future?
Suzanne Halliburton: They were. And I asked Greg about it post game and he said he didn't want to give away his secrets. They did it to keep Ok State off balance.

Central Florida Knights

Colt McCoy on the Knights: "They were a good football team, and I 
watched them play last night. They’ve got some really good players
on defense. Their defensive line is really good. We’ve got to be prepared
for them. I just remember we didn’t finish it like we wanted to.
We got up a little bit and never put it away. We just let them
hang around and hang around. We had to make some plays
at the end to actually win the game. We definitely will
watch a little bit film with week, they still have some of the same
coaches, and go back to work. That’s key for us. All we talked about in
our team meeting was staying focused, getting back to work
and getting better."

The Knight's head coach thinks the team needs to improve on tackling before they play the Horns.

O’Leary said UCF’s offense struggled during the first three quarters against Marshall because it failed to sustain blocks. He said the Knights have to correct the problem this week before they face a tough Texas defense Saturday.

The Knights didn't have much time to celebrate their victory over Marshall. They need to prepare for the No. 2 Horns.

UCF Coach George O'Leary and his staff didn't get much sleep after Sunday's game, studying film and putting their finishing touches on their Texas game plan.

"You've got to do what you've got to do," he said.

UCF has a freshmen trio in the secondary.

O'Leary said the Knights' freshman trio in the secondary — Josh Robinson, Kemal Ishmael and A.J. Bouye — are "way ahead" of any freshmen defensive backs he's coached at UCF.




This is the latest Aggie football tribute on Youtube. They are getting excited again with wins over Tech and Iowa State.

The Aggies and Raiders are still at it.

Asked about the thin air the Aggies will face Saturday in Colorado's high altitude, Sherman replied, "Lubbock has pretty good altitude. There's a lot of hot air up there, too."

Later, offensive linemen Michael Shumard was asked about Sherman's decision to take a knee inside the Iowa State 5-yard line at the end of Saturday's game.

"It showed class," Shumard said. "I would hate to be a player for a team that would try to score with 10 or 20 seconds left in a game, or call timeout and try to score."

Leach did that in the final seconds of Tech's 43-25 victory last year at Kyle Field.

It doesn't take much to make an Aggie happy. Motivation 101: Aggie Style.

The threat of further public humiliation loomed large, headed to Texas Tech, where A&M had last won in 1993.

Sherman provided an answer.

The second-year coach had initiated the practice of awarding carabiners – the metal loops used in activities involving ropes – to players after wins. The maroon-colored carabiners bore the motivational slogan, "One step at a time – 2009."

Sherman took a preemptive strike with the carabiners early in the week before the game in Lubbock.

"I might as well give it to you now," Sherman told his team, "because we're going to play and we're going to win this football game."


When the Aggies have a problem offensive line, they just need to change their mindset to solve all their problems.

The Texas A&M offensive line is one of the most often criticized aspects of the 2009 Aggie football team.

That criticism changed when A&M Head Coach Mike Sherman found the winning combination, used in the Aggies' past two games.

"After the Kansas State game, we knew we needed to change something," said senior lineman Kevin Matthews. "[We] came into practice that week with a different mindset."



I don't know who to give credit to for this great photo, but thanks! Thanks to texascfo's wife for the great photo.

North of the Red River section is gone for this season since the state of Oklahoma is now irrelevant.



Have any idea who will win the North title? We don't, either. (Big 12 standings.)

The race for the Big 12 North Division title is more muddled than ever.

The top five teams in the North are either 5-3 or 5-4 and have at least two losses in conference play. Kansas State (5-4, 3-2) remains the surprise leader of the division, followed by Nebraska (5-3, 2-2) and Iowa State (5-4, 2-3).

Preseason North favorites Missouri (5-3, 1-3) and Kansas (5-3, 1-3) got off to slow starts in the Big 12. Only Colorado (2-6, 1-3) looks like it won't be a factor after losing four of its last five.

Big 12 athletic directors will discuss scheduling in upcoming meetings.

The proposed change would be for teams never to go more than one year without facing each other in the regular season. Colorado would play Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State this year and then play the other three South Division foes next season. In the third year, the Buffs would play Texas, Texas A&M and OSU again but at the opposite site from this season.

The league already has completed future schedules through the 2014 season and it`s likely any changes would not take effect until 2015. However, it`s possible changes could be instituted sooner if there was broad agreement for one option.

The conference just announced more bowl agreements for Big 12 teams.

The Big 12 Conference announced today that it has entered into agreements with the Dallas Football Classic and Eagle Bank Bowl for the 2010-13 seasons.

Under the agreement terms the Big 12 is guaranteed a spot in the Dallas Football Classic for the 2010 and '12 seasons; and the Eagle Bank Bowl in 2013.

The Conference will provide a team to either bowl in 2011 if the conference/team under contract that season is unable to supply an opponent. For 2011 the Dallas Football Classic has agreements with the Big Ten and Conference USA to provide teams; while the Eagle Bank Bowl is partnered with the Atlantic Coast Conference and Navy.

This week's Kansas-Kansas State game will have implications in the Big 12 North title race.

Someone has to emerge from the North to get a shot at Texas in the Big 12 championship game.

The Big 12 North does not have a team that would appear good enough to finish in the top five of the Big 12 South.

Still, someone is going to win it. So far, only Kansas State and Nebraska have two losses. The other four teams have three losses.

It is not out of the question that all six teams in the North will have three losses by Sunday.

Dan Hawkins wants his players to cut loose.

Speaking today during his weekly media luncheon, Colorado coach Dan Hawkins said he is looking for his team to come out in a "cut it loose" mode Saturday at home against Texas A&M.

"We're trying to get guys over the edge of ... I always tell them to, 'Play to win and not to lose. Don't play not to make a mistake. You've gotta go.'

"There's been flashes of that, signs of that. In the last two games, early on, you didn't see that."


Darrell Scott probably won't waste his time cutting loose. He is leaving.

Mark Mangino is not spending any quality time with his defense this week. The offense is his main focus.

That's because KU's defense has kept the Jayhawks in games the last three weeks while the offense has blown them. KU hasn't allowed more than 358 yards since giving up 512 to Iowa State in the Big 12 conference opener. The defense has eight takeaways in those three games and ranks seventh in the Big 12 in total defense. Considering the way the season started, that's not bad.

Missouri quarterback Blaine Gabbert may finally be healthy.

After being hobbled by a sprained ankle for the past several weeks, Missouri sophomore quarterback Blaine Gabbert professed himself healthy and ready to go for the Tigers' game Saturday against Baylor.

"It felt good. My ankle's feeling a lot better than it has been," Gabbert said. "It means that they can't drop everybody into coverage. It really helps the running game out a lot, because the defense can't key in on Derrick [Washington] because they have to focus on me, too."

The Cyclones may be have their offensive weapons back this week, too.

Austen Arnaud wore an unsightly, inch-long scar on his throwing hand. Reggie Stephens recalled the fairly gory details of his recent appendectomy.

Yet, both Cyclone stars also wore smiles on Monday, providing a strong indication they'll return to the playing field this week.

According to Iowa State, a return to full strength could return the Cyclones to the win column this Saturday.

Even though the Bears lost to Nebraska, there was a bright spot.

The Bears suffocated Nebraska's offense in the second half, not allowing a touchdown in the second half for the first time since Baylor accomplished the feat in 2008 against Northwestern State University.

"I thought there were a couple of things that were pretty inspiring. All of a sudden everything changed in the complexion of the game," Briles said. "It's been a while since we have been able to have fun on the field, and it felt good."

Poke Zac Robinson will be just fine after the loss to Texas.

Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy thought the same thing Monday that he did Saturday night following OSU’s 41-14 loss to Texas.

The Longhorns are pretty good and turnovers doomed the Cowboys.

And Gundy also thinks that senior quarterback Zac Robinson will be just fine following his four-interception game against Texas.

"Zac pressed. I’ve been there and done that myself so I have a pretty good feel for what he did," Gundy said. "We have complete confidence in his ability. He just pressed. He tried to do a little bit too much and it cost him at times.




ESPN crews talks about officiating. Starts at the 2:16 mark.

Is the BCS rigging results?

The top schools appear to be getting BCS protection from officials because it's in the best interest of the conferences for the best teams to win.

A second team in the BCS means an additional $4.5 million to conference coffers.

A conference advancing a team to the national-title game brings huge exposure and revenue to the school and the league.

There have been enough strange calls lately to warrant a serious crackdown on getting it right for the sake of not having columns like this written.

The Big Ten had their own officiating woes.

NewsOK's Barry Tramel attempts to make sense of the BCS.


When you’ve got a team of interest challenging in the BCS  rankings, they are interesting to study. The computer rankings, the polls, how the danged thing all fits together in the first place. You can spend 10-15 minutes deciphering information from the expanded BCS chart.

But if you’ve got no team in the fight, it’s like studying pig-Latin. Doesn’t really get you anywhere.

Seven teams in the FBS are still unbeaten and speculation runs rampant. Who's in, who's out.

The top three teams -- Florida, Texas and Alabama -- all have the luxury of knowing they can reach the BCS Championship Game by winning out, but the outlook isn't nearly so good for Iowa, Cincinnati, TCU and Boise State.

TCU and Boise State will get the shaft.

Let's be clear on this: If TCU and Boise State both finish undefeated and all five of the BCS schools lose at least one game, neither one is going to play in the national title game in Pasadena. That's not an opinion, that's a fact.

Here's another fact: Only one of the undefeated non-BCS schools will get a BCS bid. There is now a likely scenario whereby Boise State, which beat Oregon soundly the first week of the season, will not play in a BCS game while USC -- which just lost to Oregon by 27 points -- might. Ohio State, which lost to USC and a horrible Purdue team, might also play in a BCS bowl. Iowa might lose to Ohio State and still get a BCS bid, and Penn State, which already lost to Iowa, could, too.

But Boise State almost certainly won't -- unless TCU loses a game and Boise State wins out.

Mr. College Football Tony Barnhart tries to figure out how Georgia Tech can play for the BCS title.

What about Cincy? Dr. Saturday tries to figure out the how and why of the Bearcats.

No one thought they had a chance at the start of this thing, when the Bearcats were just one face among many, but now that they're here, there's a fighting chance: As the BCS lines up in the moment, Cincinnati is third in line for the No. 2 spot behind Texas and Iowa, and the only team with a realistic chance of skipping UC in the line is LSU. If they keep winning, not many dominoes have to fall to move the 'Cats into at least a 50/50 argument for the second championship slot.


And finally...

Nebraska football is featured on a very bad comedy show. There are more clips, but they're even worse.