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Alabama All Day: Colin Peek

Florida opens the game playing a lot of zone, which seems sensible enough given their desire to keep Ingram in check, until you realize that in the first quarter McElroy is 4-4 for 45 yards when passing against zone coverage and 1-3 for 8 yards when the Gators are in man.  It's a catch-22 for the Gators, however, as Ingram has 4 carries for 46 yards when the Gators are in man defense.

If I had to pinpoint a key to the Alabama offense, I might single out the tight end #84, Colin Peek, who is adequate as a rush blocker and excellent as a pass receiver. Peek's release off the line is quick, and he's devastating either finding holes in zone coverages or -- if you try to stick him with a linebacker in man -- getting enough separation, with good body position, to be a good option for the quarterback. The Georgia Tech transfer has 3 catches for 36 yards early on, and has been open more than that.