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Alabama All Day: Zone Defense

Just a quick general observation here on zone defense: the last two games I've worked my way through on a play by play basis -- the Thanksgiving game against A&M and now this SEC Title Game -- have me questioning whether college defenses are capable of playing quality zone defense on a consistent basis. At least where the defense either rushes four or fails to get pressure when bringing extra rushers, the defenders in coverage do a mostly miserable job covering receivers who release into their zone. Quarterbacks with poise who are given enough time have no trouble finding the open man, more often than not in between the linebackers and defensive backs.

I've already mentioned Alabama picking on Florida's zone defense; Tim Tebow just threw a touchdown picking on a Bama zone -- Javier Arenas committed to the tailback receiver in the flat, two DBs ran deep with Cooper, and no one was there to cover David Nelson in between them all.