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Title Talk: Better To Receive Or Defer?

So I got hired to put together a championship edition of "The Eyes of Texas", which.... Okay, first of all, don't worry: no jinx, the "Yea, Alabama" folks were hired to do one, too. (Yes, I will be even more depressed should Texas lose because all this work will never see the light of day.)

I've been writing reviews of each 2009 Longhorns game and have been pondering the following question: If Texas wins the toss in the BCS Title Game, should it opt to receive the opening kickoff or defer to the second half? Presumably your answer would be the same if Alabama wins the toss (e.g. if you prefer Texas receives after winning the toss, you hope Alabama defers to the second half if they win the coin flip), but if not, explain why.

I'll throw up a poll with this one, but I'm really interested in thoughtful replies to the question in the comments. Talk to me.