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EDSBS LIVE: The Second Annual Holiday Bowl Drinking Game


Audio here. Chat, here.

Time: 7:00 p.m. CT.

Rules: after the jump.


  • Mention of Stoops' brothers obvious brotherhood
  • "Mr. Suh"
  • Suh gets tackle
  • Three sips if any announcer makes reference of Cody Green being "more athletic" than Zach Lee.
  • Combined announcing crew goes WHOA WOOO OHHHHH after a hit.
  • Erin Andrews is groped by a coach unnecessarily< ---stop there is no necessary groping you sick, sick people
  • If someone says "Vuna Tuihalamaka"
  • Drink TWICE if someone mispronounces "Vuna Tuihalamaka"
  • At mention of AFLAC
  • Every time Erin Andrews says "guys"


  • Awkward mention of Craig James' son
  • One of Chris Fowler's sly puns appears
  • Suh sack/INT/murder of lesser species
  • Nebraska somehow gets a first down
  • Each time the Hunter Lawrence field goal goes through the uprights on replay
  • Suh sack
  • Zach Lee does something good (subject to judges' interpretation)
  • Zach Lee destroyed on option play
  • If you hear the words "House of Spears."
  • For every reference to the brothers Pelini and Stoops friendship, Cardinal Mooney High School, Youngstown Ohio, or how Mark Stoops was a groomsman in Bo Pelini's wedding.
  • For mention of the 1998 Holiday Bowl between Arizona and Nebraska.


  • Hasselhoff!