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Bevo's Daily Round Up 2.11.09



Horns_bullet_medium Life is good... again. Texas 99, Oklahoma State 74.


Chris Whaley has always wanted to be a Longhorn.

“I’ve wanted to come here since the seventh grade,” Whaley said.  “The Longhorns have been my favorite team since I started playing football. I just love the stadium, the whole atmosphere, and the academics.”

McCoy to Shipley: The Sequel. Jordan Shipley's younger brother could be a possible signee for the 2011 class.

The story took shape early Monday when Colt's brother, Graham quarterback Case McCoy, committed to Texas. The thinking is that he will redshirt in 2010 and be ready to play in 2011, when Garrett Gilbert would be either a sophomore or a junior.

Speaking of 2011, Jaxson Shipley — the brother of Texas receiver Jordan Shipley — also will make his college debut in that year. The smart money has Jaxson following his older brother to Texas, a move that would unlock another potential McCoy-to-Shipley combo.





Matt Hayes and Dave Curtis of Sporting News weigh in on the Mike Leach contract issue.

Barking Carnival looks at Mike Leach and Tech's loveless marriage.



Rush The Court checks in on the Big 12.



Big 12 Hardball has a preview of the Oklahoma State Cowboys.




Please do not confuse us with that UT. The new Tennessee coach Lane Kiffin has turned himself in to the NCAA for violations.

In letters to the NCAA and SEC, the Tennessee athletic department said the secondary violations occurred in January. One violation occurred when nine prospects on an official visit to the school participated in a mock press conference at Neyland Stadium’s media center.

Another violation occurred when a fog machine was used as a recruit entered the field at Neyland Stadium during his official visit on Jan. 9.

Under NCAA recruiting rules, schools are prohibited from simulating a game experience for recruits during official visits.

Kiffin is not a popular guy.

The economy be damned. The NCAA will not take the travel costs in account when putting together pairings for the basketball tournament.

The Dallas Morning News has an update of Rep. Joe Barton's proposed legislation.

Barton's bill would prohibit the promotion, marketing or advertising of any post-season NCAA Division I football as a championship game unless a play-off system crowns the champion. "Otherwise, it's a false trade practice because it's false and deceitful," Barton said.

The congressman is working to get a committee to consider the bill; meanwhile, he is gathering more co-sponsors for the measure, a way to broaden its support in the House.